Ems Valley

Groups Coordinator Job Description

Although this can be a demanding role, it can be done at home, at your own pace and in your own way.

Contact and help for Group Leaders

The main thrust of the position is to help and advise Group Leaders, particularly those starting new groups, to overcome problems and solve difficulties. For example: where and when to advertise, meet, hold the first meeting, costs and outlay, wording of their advertising and information entries.

The majority of contact with Group Leaders is via e-mail, but also with very occasional phone calls and informal chats at various get-togethers.

Contact is most usually made by a prospective Group Leader, via the website, but can also be made by personal recommendation or keeping one’s ears open and following up ideas, leads and possible interest.

Currently formal presentations are:

1. A Report at monthly committee meetings. This is mainly information about the number of Groups currently meeting, plus news of new Groups forming or older Groups closing or changing leadership. Also include any problems which need to be addressed by the committee.

2. The monthly general meetings have, since inception of Ems Valley u3a, always included a paper display about Groups - information about the Leader(s) with their contact details and when the Group meets (Never where a Group meets. This is to prevent people just turning up without prior arrangement). When GDPR became law, we removed the list of Group members’ names and contact details but included a brief description of the Group’s activities. These pages are now circulated by e-mail to every member prior to every monthly meeting – the e-mail includes a reminder for Group Leaders to contact the Groups Co-ordinator if any details need amending. The Groups Co-ordinator up-dates the list each month.

Additional responsibilities:

1. Two or three times a year, depending on numbers of new members joining, a New Members Welcome Coffee Morning is held, organised by the Chairman who will supply a list of new members’ names so that self-adhesive name badges can be produced. There should also be on display a paper list of all the Groups with their Leaders’ contact details. Self-adhesive badges are also made for any Group Leader attending. These badges display the Leader’s name and the name of any Group they lead. (Group Leaders will be informed of the meeting by the Chairman and asked to confirm if they are attending.) ALL these self-adhesive name labels are produced by the Groups Co-ordinator.

2. Once each year, usually in November, we hold a Social Gathering of Group Leaders to thank them for their work during the previous twelve months. The Group Co-ordinator sends out the invitations (by e-mail – see the archive for examples of the Invitation) and keeps a list of those replying. The invitations include the Group Leader’s main helper. Invitations are also sent to all those behind-the-scenes helpers, for example, Greeters at the monthly meetings, refreshments supplier for the monthly meetings, technicians helping at the monthly meetings.

Self-adhesive badges are made by the Groups Co-ordinator for everyone with their name and their Group(s) or helping role.