Ems Valley

Member Sec. Job Description

The following tasks are ongoing throughout the year, but not in any great volume:
- Answer email queries about membership throughout the year
- Receive application forms and processing them, by entering onto our Beacon system
- Ensure payments are sent to the Treasurer
- Emails of welcome to new members
- Update membership register for General meetings
- Update current members’ details as information received
- Attend monthly committee meetings
- With 2 other committee members, register members as they arrive for the monthly general meeting

The annual membership renewals take more time, but are confined to the few weeks around the 1st of April when our subscription year starts. The subscription for the coming year will be decided during the committee meeting in January.

Renewals tasks as follows:
- Early March - email all members requesting renewal subscriptions be paid by 31st March for the coming year
- Currently request that each member completes a form with all their details for checking (although that may not be the case in the future)
- If we stop sending out forms annually a renewal form will still have to be completed every 5 years (2025, 2030.... for Gift Aid compliance)
- Receive Renewal forms, ensure all data is correct in our records
- Enter payment on Beacon (the u3a database)
- Pass cheques to Treasurer
- List those who have paid online and send to Treasurer, who will confirm payment received
- Enter those online payments on Beacon
- Send reminder emails, maybe 3 times until the end of April
- Any member not renewing by mid May will be ‘lapsed’ and then ‘resigned’ on Beacon
- Keep data forms secure