Ems Valley

Treasurer Job Description

- Attend to all banking transactions for two accounts (Business) and (Social), the latter being utilized for all transactions required by the various Groups.
- Paying in cheques
- Issuing cheques (two signatures required)
- On line banking direct payments (single authority but monthly list of all payments made sent to a second signatory)
- Monthly reconciliation of bank statements.

- Maintain and run an accounting system to facilitate preparation of year end accounts on the U3A Beacon system, but other computer applications can work equally well or even a simple spreadsheet
- Ensure that within the Social account it is possible to determine the balances appropriate to each individual Group.
- Prepare year end accounts (income & expenditure and balance sheet). This involves ensuring as far as possible ensuring that all payment that are due within the financial year are paid on time.
- Arrange for accounts to be “audited” by two examiners.
- Prepare an annual income & expenditure budget (Business account activity only), broken down into quarters, update and revise each quarter.
- Claim annual Gift Aid refund from HMRC.

- Attend monthly committee meetings, reporting on all matters financial (primarily quarterly budget reviews) and make recommendations on matters financial (proposed expenditure and subscription levels).
- Undertake such duties as are assigned / requested by the Committee.

- Report to members on the year end accounts and answer any questions.

- All Committee members are automatically trustees of Ems Valley U3A and we therefore have all the normal responsibilities of a Trustee.