Ems Valley

Chairman Job Description

Represent Ems Valley u3a for 2 years wherever required

Consider the continuing development/future planning of Ems Valley so that it remains fit for purpose

Chair monthly committee meetings – lead, present ideas, support other ideas, encourage full and frank discussion within committee

Assist in finding new members for committee and committee posts

Encourage the development of new groups (from within existing groups or new)

Initiate evening gatherings annually to thank group leaders

Welcome new members individually by email

Initiate welcome coffee mornings for new members

Ensure Christmas lunch is organised

Chair the monthly Ems Valley meeting for members; introduce speaker, speak with as many members as possible; initiate a programme of ‘after speaker’ talks

Circulate notice of monthly meeting a few days before each one

Support vice chairman in learning role

AGM – prepare Chairman’s report

Chair AGM

Remain visible and supportive wherever needed by members