Ely & District


As the chairperson of Ely and District u3a I would like to welcome you to our website.
If you are new to Ely and District u3a, welcome. Whether you are a new or an existing member, we aim to give you an easy source of information about our activities.

Our u3a is a member of a national movement for people no longer in full-time work, the purpose of which is to facilitate members enjoyment in the pleasure of learning and sharing knowledge. This u3a and its groups are autonomous and are run by the voluntary effort of our members.

With a population of about 20,300 Ely is one of the smallest cities in England, situated on an "isle" in the fens north of Cambridge. The city is dominated by its magnificent cathedral begun 900 years ago on the site of an abbey founded in 673 AD by St Etheldreda.

In contrast to its historical setting, Ely and District u3a was formed only in 2008. It currently has about 600 members and more than 50 active groups, and there are many opportunities for new members to participate. During Covid-19 restrictions, the u3a and several interest groups kept in touch by means of e-mail, newsletters and meetings on Zoom. Happily, interest groups and our general meetings are returning, with care, to face to face events as each group feels comfortable.

Please refer to the Events page and the relevant Group pages for more information.
Our outings programme has restarted. Please see the outings page for dates and costings.

The annual subscription is £8 and the year begins 1 April (£5 for new members joining after 1 November). If your primary membership of the u3a is with another affiliated branch you may apply for a reduced annual subscription of £5. There are additional charges for certain groups in order to pay for meeting rooms etc.