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The Beacon system (see BEACON TRAINING was developed by U3A volunteers to provide an online system for administration of membership, groups and finance for UK U3A organisations. Elmbridge U3A uses it to hold, access and process the personal information supplied by you. Without that information we could not operate so it is important to you and to us that it be kept up to date (Our Privacy and Data Protection Policies are attached to the Welcome page of this web site.)
Most Elmbridge U3A members will access Beacon only through the Beacon Members Portal which they can use to:
• Renew membership (to do this please switch from this page to the Renew page)
• Update personal details
• View Elmbridge U3A Groups

Please note that you will not be able to access the Beacon Members Portal unless you have previously provided your email address. You can check this by looking at your Acknowledgement of Membership or Renewals letter. To get your email address added to the Beacon system please send an email addressed to members@elmbridgeu3a.org quoting your membership number and phone number. Alternatively please call the membership secretary, Tony Wharton, on: 0208 979 2737.

Update personal details
For joint members only one member need update their address and (main) telephone number. For other information, each member will need to update their own personal details.

View Elmbridge U3A Groups
You can view Elmbridge U3A groups

Access the Portal
To access the portal you will need your Elmbridge U3A membership number and your name, postcode and email as held by us. The system checks the data entered by you against what we have in the Beacon database and it does so very precisely. It is important therefore that, unless you have subsequently used the Portal to change the database, the data entered by you must exactly match the data shown on the latest Renewals / Acknowledgement of Membership Form that we have sent to you, including the use of upper and lower case.

It is safer to type the data in yourself. Using copy/paste or letting your helpful computer fill in fields has a tendency to perpetuate errors. If you get it wrong the system will blank your data and you will have to try again.

To access the portal click: Beacon Elmbridge Members Portal
Once logged-in, if you can see that our record is wrong or out of date then you can either correct it by directly editing the field (e.g. email address) or you can contact the Membership Secretary (email members@elmbridgeu3a.org or Tel: 0208 979 2737) to make any necessary amendments.

If you have any queries or experience any difficulties then please send an email to the Membership Secretary giving your contact details.

Access By Registered Users
There is information about Beacon and there are user training materials on the Beacon team's website, at beacon.u3a.org.uk

If you are an Elmbridge U3A Committee member or have been registered with the system as a User, you can access the main Elmbridge Beacon system here: Elmbridge Beacon System Administration. The first time you use the system you will need to select Elmbridge as the U3A. Please avoid using public computers (e.g. in a Library) because of the risks posed by accessing the database on insecure networks. If it is safe for Beacon to remember your settings, please tick "This is a private computer". If you, as an authorised user of the Beacon Administration system, have any queries or experience any difficulties then please send an email to the Elmbridge Beacon support team at beaconadmin@elmbridgeu3a.org giving your contact details. {Please remember that you are being given privileged access to membership and other data and must use it solely in order to carry out your assigned responsibilities for Elmbridge U3A and must not allow it to be accessed by any unauthorised third party.}

A very brief overview of our version of Beacon can be found by clicking on Beacon - a summary.
If you are interested in more detail about the basic Beacon which is now the core of our administrative system, click this link to access the Beacon User Guide and also look at the UK-wide Beacon Team's own website at beacon.u3a.org.uk

If you are leading a group click this link to access the Group Leader User Guide

If you want to know what lies in store behind the Portal, click this link to access the Member User Guide

The Report for the Annual General Meeting on 1 April 2020 can be accessed by clicking Report for the 22nd AGM

Elmbridge U3A's current constitution can be accessed by clicking Constitution.

Elmbridge U3A's Privacy Policy can be accessed by clicking Privacy Policy

Elmbridge U3A's Data Protection Policy can be accessed by clicking Data Protection Policy

A copy of the Minutes of the most recent Committee meeting can be found at Committee Minute

A Q&A summary of U3A Insurances can be accessed by clicking U3A Insurance

An Incident Report Form can be found at Incident Report Form


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