Renewing Your Membership

From October each year, you can easily renew your membership online by using PayPal to pay. Online Renewal is now used by a majority of our members. Whatever method you choose, by renewing you will be confirming that you agree to our storing and using the personal information that you supply. (Our Privacy and Data Protection Policies are attached to the Committee Reports & Policies page of this web site.)

The Renewal Subscription is £12 per annum per person. For Joint members one member can renew both members with a single payment.

To renew online you need to click on Elmbridge U3a Members Portal link - see below.

To log into the Portal you will need your Elmbridge U3A membership number, your name, postcode and email address as held by us. The data entered must exactly match the data shown on the Renewal Form sent to you, including the use of upper and lower case. The system checks the data entered against what we have in our Beacon database and it does so very precisely. It is safer to type the data in yourself rather than using copy/paste or auto-fill which can be produce unpredictable problems.

Payment online uses PayPal. We would much prefer you to pay this way, it reduces our administrative burden and costs. You do not need to have a permanent PayPal account to do it. As you will see you can simply route a credit or debit card payment via PayPal.

Once logged-in, the Members Portal also allows you to update your personal details online.

To enable us to reclaim the Gift Aid please ensure that the box labelled “Tick if eligible for Gift Aid” is ticked. The Gift Aid scheme is strongly encouraged for those eligible and means that any donations/subscriptions that you make to Elmbridge U3A will be worth 25% more to us and at no cost to you – see Gift Aid for applicable conditions.

Alternatively, you can also pay by bank transfer (BACS) or by cheque. Please follow the instructions on your Renewal Form to do this. If the information on the Renewal Form is incorrect, please inform the Treasurer (click finance queries or telephone 020 8979 1719) to have any necessary amendments made.
Once you have renewed, an Acknowledgement of Membership letter will be delivered to you packaged with the Spring Newsletter in early February.

You can enter the Portal at Beacon Elmbridge Members Portal

If you have any queries or experience any difficulties then please contact the Membership Secretary. (email Membership Secretary or telephone 020 8979 2737) to make any necessary amendments.