Zoom Pro Licences

We have master Zoom Account license which runs until 12th April next year and additional Zoom Pro licences will run to that date. The cost of a Zoom Pro licence to Elmbridge U3A for a full 12 months is £71.94. Additional licences will have a lower cost to reflect the fact they will have a shorter duration because they will run to the same date.

The current process is for Group Leaders to wishing to purchase a Zoom Pro licence is for them to contact the treasurer Andrew Craig finance@elmbridgeu3a.org to agree payment. At the same time they should contact the Elmbridge U3A technical team TechTeam@elmbridgeu3a.org to let them know:

  • The name and email address of the person who will host the meetings.
  • The Group(s) who will be hosted - one person who is a member of a number of groups could act as meeting host
  • Please note that if the email address is already associated with a paid Zoom account then that subscription will be terminated and credited back once they become part of the Elmbridge U3A account

The technical Team will set them up on Zoom as a user under the Elmbridge U3A account and let them know when this has been done. They will receive an email from Zoom either requesting them to sign up to Zoom as part of Elmbridge U3A or if they already have a Zoom account the email will ask them to accept being moved to the Elmbridge U3A account.

Once Andrew has bought a licence and the Zoom user has been activated under the Elmbridge U3A account, then the Technical Team will allocate the licence to them and let you and the host (if different) know that you are ready to go.

The licence covers use for Elmbridge U3A related activities. Licences cannot be shared: though they can be reallocated by the Technical Team.