The Government's Covid 19 strategy has moved on from the simple 'Stay at Home' message to the more nuanced ''Stay Alert, Control the Virus, Save Lives', but in practical terms little has changed. There has been some relaxation of the rules regarding outdoor activities, but the basic advice remains to stay at home as much as possible, limit your contact with other people, keep your distance, and wash your hands regularly. Everyone is vulnerable, but people over 70 and those with underlying health conditions are at increased risk and should be particularly mindful of these instructions.

Government websites give useful guidance on dealing with the psychological aspects of isolation and maintaining wellbeing, such as structuring your day, keeping in touch with others, eating properly, taking exercise, keeping your mind active and managing your media and information intake – in other words, don’t be dragged down by the torrent of Coronavirus bad news.

Here are some useful websites for authoritative information and support:

www.gov.uk – updates on Government activity and advice on how to protect yourself and others.
www.nhs.uk/coronavirus - essential health-related guidance, including looking after your physical and mental health during the lockdown period.
www.111.nhs.uk – for medical enquiries, including advice on what to do if you have Coronavirus symptoms. There is also a special 111 telephone helpline for those without internet access.
www.surreycc.gov.uk – Surrey County Council website containing information and advice on things you can do to help yourself and your community. A Community Helpline (0300 200 1008) gives links to local support networks for shopping and other essential needs.
www.elmbridge.gov.uk - Elmbridge BC website with information on local support groups around the borough, including Church and community organisations who may be able to help with shopping and food deliveries.

Many other local support groups, for example, covidmutualaid.org, thehershamhub.co.uk and the Covid-19 Elmbridge Support Group, can be found on the internet, Facebook and other online platforms. If you are unable to access these yourselves, friends and family may be able to help.

There is plenty of information and support out there, so there’s no need to feel you are on your own.
These details will be updated as circumstances change.