A message from our Choir's Music Director

If our thing is Rock Concerts and you want a few smiles (one conductor is dressed as an Easter Egg), try facebook.com/therockchoir. Scroll around. and click where it looks appropriate. Amongst other things there are recordings from different days and you can start and stop them as you wish. You don’t need a facebook account, unless you want to send in comments, but I suggest you skip the first five minutes or so of each session, where there is just chat with members.

However, if you want something a little more serious, and even better if you have your copies of Messiah to hand, then clicking on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VX7L1WK3fg will hopefully give you a lift on this Easter day. Unfortunately the performance ends rather abruptly; the end seems to have been chopped off. But never mind. I hope you enjoy it anyway.

And very best Easter wishes to you all,



An interesting request:
I am a journalist and author, and a couple of weeks ago I set up a project called PoetryGeneration after my four year old son asked my mum to record a video of herself reading the poem he likes her to read him, so he could watch it at home given they cannot see each other due to coronavirus isolation.

Every day I upload a video of an older person in coronovirus isolation reading a poem - my mum reading my songs favourite was the first one. The idea is to keep older people visible in a positive light as well as create a free library of poetry for all to enjoy.

Here is the website - www.poetrygeneration.co.uk

We are also on Twitter poetryg2020 and Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube @poetrygeneration

Most of our contributors are normal people but we have also had a few celebrities - Sir Tony Robinson read one this week and before him we had the poets Ruth Padel and Bernard O'Donoghue.

I am actively seeking new submissions and wondered whether you could forward this to your members in case it is something to which they or their partner, relatives or friends might be interested in contributing. All of the submission guidelines can be found here:


Many thanks in advance,

Ellie Levenson