Elgin & District


Existing Members' Information:-

Members can view and update their membership status and information by creating their own log in to our
U3A Members Portal. You will also be able to access information about your groups, activities, dates, events etc. You will need to know your membership number and some personal data in order to log in. Additionally, you will be able renew your subscription through PayPal, you do not need to have a PayPal account, you will be able to pay through using a Debit or Credit card. Once done you will automatically receive a receipt and a new Membership Card sent almost instantly to your email address held in the database.

Members agree to the use of personal information automatically when they join. If you are concerned about how we use your personal information then please do go ahead and read our Data protection Policy.

Prospective Members' Information

Currently the annual fee (April to March) is £15 but from October 2019 the membership fee is only £10 to the end of March 2020. This includes membership of Groups, admission to Members' Meetings and subscription to the U3A Magazine, "Third Age Matters" which is sent directly to you. If you would like to join, please contact the Membership Secretary using the button on the Contact page, alternatively mail directly to membersecretary@u3a-elgin.org.uk , or you can use the Carrier Pidgeon on the right of this page.

If, before signing up, you wish to have a taster session with a particular group, you would be very welcome. Please contact the Membership Secretary who will forward your request to the relevant Group Leader. There is no additional charge for membership of an interest group other than to cover the hire of a venue, or incidental running expenses for the Group. Many Groups meet in members’ or Group Leaders homes.