Elgin & District


This Page is intended primarily for Elgin & District Branch Members.

Due to the Pandemic & Lockdown it is unlikely that future Members Meetings will be held before the 2021 AGM which is usually held in June. Your Committee decided to hold the 2020 AGM by Postal and Email vote. Hopefully we will meet this year if the vaccination program goes to plan.

There are several local Groups, Organisations. Businesses and Charities that are available to assist vulnerable and elderly members of our society, on the right you will find links to websites that may be of use to you.

Should you find yourself in need of help, assistance or just someone to talk to please don't sit at home isolated and concerned, your group leader or your Membership Secretary are available to help and advise; Judy's.

The Scottish Government has released Protect, Track, Trace and Isolate Corona-19 NHS App, Here's the link to download the App. Protect Scotland

There is also an app which is a data collecting tool for statistical research being done by Kings College London and shared with the NHS, this involves downloading the app track Covid-19, registering your details and doing a very simple daily two question report, over 1500 people in Moray are helping build the data, which is a low figure considering Aberdeenshire has 5700 participants, the more people involved the more accurate the results. Nationally nearly 4 million people are taking part. Take a look at the website and download the app if you'd like to take part. Click on the link on the right hand side of this page.

There's many ways to communicate with friends and family using the internet, some group leaders are contacting with members and continuing their groups during the lockdown. The Committee held the April and June Meetings using 'ZOOM' and it worked very well. Some Groups are meeting using Zoom too. Click Link to ZOOM if you're interested or need help with access.
People are staying in touch with family and friends by video calls and conferencing using WhatsApp Alexa or Facetime, & Zoom. Unfortunately Facetime is only available on Apple devices and Alexa on Amazon and all parties must have the same hardware as well as the software so Zoom or WhatsApp are favourite and Zoom is the best larger meetings, both are free. Try doing an on line lesson with a Grandchild and give the work from home parents a break - great for brain activity.