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  Allotment Gardening
  Architecture 1
  Architecture 2
  Argentine Tango
  Art 1
  -----Art Group History
  Art 2
  Art Appreciation A
  Art Appreciation B
  -----Astronomy Group Programme
  Badminton (non-competitive)
  Badminton for all
  Belly Dancing (beginners)
  Bird Watching 1
  Bird Watching 2
  Board/Card Games
  Book Reading 1
  Book Reading 10 (non-fiction)
  Book Reading 11 (short stories)
  Book Reading 2
  Book Reading 3
  Book Reading 5
  Book Reading 6
  Book Reading 7 (Short Stories)
  Book Reading 8 (Non-fiction)
  Bridge (Just Play 2)
  Bridge For Fun 1
  Bridge For Fun 2
  Bridge Intermediate (social)
  Chamber Concerts (attending)
  Circle Dancing 1
  Circle Dancing 2
  Classical Singers and Accompanists
  Classics (Mythology, etc)
  Classics 1 (history and language)
  Classics 2 (Art and History)
  Climate Emergency - Wider Issues
  Computer Users Support Panel (CUSP)
  Creative Writing (Advanced)
  Creative Writing 1
  Creative Writing 2
  Creative Writing 3
  Crochet (and other crafts)
  Cryptic Crosswords
  Cryptic Crosswords (beginners)
  Cryptic Crosswords (Post Beginners)
  Current Affairs 1
  Current Affairs 3
  Current Affairs 4
  Cycle Touring
  Cycling (gentle/social)
  Cycling 2
  Desert Island Discs
  Directions in Retirement
  Dog Walking
  Drones & Flying Model Aircraft
  Dutch (Intermediate)
  Eastern Beliefs & Culture
  Economics/Economist Reading
  Enriching Retirement
  Family History
  Film Appreciation 1
  Film Appreciation 2
  Film Appreciation 3
  Film Appreciation 4
  Film Appreciation 5: Movie of the Month
  Film Appreciation 6 (Foreign Films)
  Forensic Science
  French (Advanced/Intermediate)
  French (Conversation Advanced)
  French (Conversation Int. Advanced)
  French (Conversation Intermediate)
  French (Conversation)
  French (Improvers)
  French (Intermediate)
  French Conversation Monthly Lunches
  French Current Affairs
  French Film Appreciation 1
  French Film Appreciation 2
  French Literature (Advanced)
  French Network (Réseau Français)
  French on the Move
  French Rusty Returners 1
  French Rusty Returners 2
  Gallery Group 1
  Gallery Group 2
  Gallery Group 3
  Gallery Group 4
  Garden Group 1
  Garden Group 3
  -----Geology Group Programme 2018/19
  -----Geology Group programme 2019-2020
  German (beginners)
  German (Intermediate) 1
  German (Intermediate) 2
  German (Talking)
  German Conversation 2 (not beginners)
  Golf - Pitch and Putt
  Good Companions
  Gourmet Dining
  Great Galleries
  Guitar Playing
  Historical Walk and Talk 1
  Historical Walk and Talk 2
  History (Military)
  History (World)
  History of Edinburgh
  Italian (Beginners)
  Italian (Improvers)
  Italian (Intermediate)
  Italian (Post-Beginners) 1
  Italian (Post-Beginners) 2
  Italian for Holidays
  Jazz Appreciation
  Jazz Singing and Playing
  Laughter for Health
  Lawn Bowling
  Local History 1
  Local History 2
  Local History 3
  Lunch Club
  -----Lunch Club Guidelines
  -----Lunch Club Programme
  Lunch Club (Sundays)
  Mah Jong 1
  Mah Jong 2
  Mah Jong 3
  Mindfulness Meditation 1
  Mindfulness Meditation 2
  Mindfulness Meditation 3
  Movie Makers
  Music Appreciation 10
  Music Appreciation 11 (Tchaikovsky)
  Music Appreciation 2
  Music Appreciation 3A
  Music Appreciation 3B
  Music Appreciation 5
  Music Appreciation 6 (Opera 1)
  Music Appreciation 7 (Opera 2)
  Music Appreciation 9 - Little-known Work
  Out of Africa?
  Padel Tennis
  Perspectives on Plays
  Philosophy of Science
  Philosophy of Yoga
  Photography 1
  Photography 2
  Photography 3
  Photography 4
  Play Reading 2
  Play Reading 3
  Play Reading 4
  Poetry 1
  Poetry 2
  Poetry 3
  Poetry 4
  Poetry from around the World
  Positive Psychology - Science of Happine
  Press Gang
  Qi Gong 1
  Qi Gong 2
  Quilting & Patchwork 1
  Quilting & Patchwork 2
  Raspberry Pi Users Group
  Recorder (Adv)
  Recorder (Continuers)
  Recorder (Intermediate)
  -----Current Science Group Programme 2020/21
  -----Previous Science Talks
  Science - Current Discoveries
  Scots Gaelic Intermediate
  Scots Gaelic Reading (Intermediate)
  Scots Language
  Scottish Authors
  Scottish Country Dance
  Scottish History
  Scrabble 2
  Scrabble 3
  Sew and Sew
  Sewing (Sustainable, online)
  Spanish (Advanced)
  Spanish (Intermediate Conversation)
  Spanish (Intermediate)
  Spanish (Intermediate) 1
  Spanish (Intermediate/Advanced)
  Spanish (post beginners)
  Table Squash
  Table Tennis 1
  Table Tennis 2
  Table Tennis 3 (Beginners)
  Tapestry Weaving
  Tennis 1
  Tennis 2
  Tennis 4
  Tenpin Bowling
  TV – Everyone’s a Critic!
  u3a Volunteers
  Ukulele (Intermediate)
  Vedic Chant
  -----Visits Programme
  Walking (Beginners Nordic)
  Walking for Pleasure
  Walks (All Year Adventure Walkers)
  Walks (easy hillwalking)
  Walks (Easy Strolls)
  Walks (Long Distance Footpaths)
  Walks (Moderate) 1
  Walks (Moderate) 2
  Walks (Monthly)
  Walks (Winter) A
  Walks (Winter) B
  Wine Tasting 1
  Wine Tasting 2
  World Religions
  Yoga (Gentle) 1A
  Yoga (Gentle) 1B
  Yoga (Gentle) 1C
  Yoga (Gentle) 2A
  Yoga (Gentle) 2B
  Yoga 4 (Iyengar)