Current Science Group Programme 2018/19

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20 September 2018
Using Genetics to help Elephant Conservation in Cambodia
Presented by Dr Alex Ball, Wild Genes Laboratory, Edinburgh Zoo

18 October 2018
Ten (Quite) Interesting Things about Intelligence
Presented by Professor Ian Deary, Centre for Cognitive Ageing, University of Edinburgh

15 November 2018
Prion Diseases, including CJD, BSE & Scrapie
Presented by Dr Neil McKenzie, National CJD Research and Surveillance Unit, University of Edinburgh

13 December 2018
Lichens: A Tale of Hidden Diversity Right Under our Noses
Presented by Dr Rebecca Yahr, Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh

17 January 2019
Cold-water Corals -- The Mingulay Reef Complex
Presented by Professor Murray Roberts, Applied Marine Biology, University of Edinburgh

21 February 2019
Wobbles, Tilts and Time Lords: Understanding the Climate of the Past
Presented by Professor Kate Darling, Geosciences, University of Edinburgh, and Geography, University of St Andrews

21 March 2019
Why do only humans get dementia?
Presented by Professor Frank Gunn-Moore, Biology, University of St Andrews

18 April 2019
Fibres from Plants
Presented by Dr Gunnel Birgitta Debenham PhD ARCS

16 May 2019
The Global Nitrogen Challenge
Presented by Professor Mark Sutton, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Natural Environment Research Council, and University of Edinburgh

20 June 2019
RNA: The Unsung Hero of Life
Presented by Professor Jean Beggs, Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology, University of Edinburgh

There are no group meetings in July and August.