Geology Group Programme 2018/19

September 20th. David McAdam. Introductory meeting on Landscape Fashioned by Geology: Edinburgh.

September 27th. Geological Walk on Arthur's Seat led by Angus Miller.

October 4th. Dorrik Stow. The Tethys: Vanished Ocean.

November 1st. Stig Walsh. Brain evolution in birds and dinosaurs.

December 6th. Christmas Meeting. Shorts and Games.

January 10th. NB Second Thursday. John Underhill. The search for Odysseus' homeland, Ancient Itheca. How geoscience may have solved the mystery.

February 7th. Andrew Ross. Insects in Amber.

March 7th t.b.a.

April 4th. Peter Dryburgh. Nicolas Steno. Danish pioneer geologist.