Astronomy Group Programme

Sad News: Our group has lost one of its members. Dr Robert (Bob) McGookin died on 18th April 2020. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

Because of the current COVID-19 pandemic we have cancelled all Astronomy Group Meetings at Napier for the foreseeable future. Our next talk will be via Zoom on Wed. 8th July at 14:00. Astronomy Group and Science Group Members will be sent the link nearer the time.

  • Wed. 10-June-2020 "Out of sight, out of mind? Neutrinos, antimatter and dark matter" - talk by Georgia March and "This Month's Night Sky" - Alan Pickup using Zoom. Thanks to George Cleland for facilitating this.
  • Wed. 8-July-20 “James Bradley and others Fact Checked” - talk by Bruce Vickery and "This Month's Night Sky" - Alan Pickup.

  • Wed. 14-Oct-2020 “Spaceports: The Future of Scottish Space Industry?!” – talk by Matjaz Vidmar.
  • Wed. 11-Nov-2020 "The Simba Galaxy Simulations" - talk by Sarah Appleby.

Each meeting features: "This Month's Night Sky" - Alan Pickup

Those in the Group interested in observing the night sky are alerted by text to their mobile phones for aurora and noctilucent clouds.

There is an annual one off payment to cover the cost of a gift for the speaker and incidental expenses. Amount to be determined. This will be collected in October 2020.

Tea/coffee £1.85 correct money or £2.00. Taking the lead from Lothian Buses, we do not give change. Any profit goes to the Napier Student Grant Initiative Fund. Biscuits are kindly donated by members.
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