New, Suspended and Proposed Groups

New Groups
The following groups were formed over the last 3 months and possibly looking for members:

Science of Wellbeing in COVID Times became active in Jun 2020
Classics (mythology, etc) became active before Jun 2020
Vedic Chant became active before Jun 2020
Philosophy of Science became active before May 2020
Great Galleries became active May 2020
Perspectives on Plays became active Apr 2020
French Rusty Returners 1 became active Mar 2020
Eastern Philosophy & Thought becomes active Mar 2020
Poetry from Around the World 2 became active Mar 2020
History (world) became active Feb 2020
Italian for Holidays became active Feb 2020
Follies becomes active Spring 2020
Badminton (moderate) became active Jan 2020
Crochet became active Jan 2020
Quilting & Patchwork 2 became active Dec 2019
Belly Dancing became active Nov 2019
German (beginners) became active Nov 2019
Yoga 3 (beginners) became active Oct 2019
Walks (Easy Strolls) became active Sept 2019
Cryptic Crosswords (beginners) 1 became active Aug 2019
Cryptic Crosswords (beginners) 2 became active Aug 2019
Film Appreciation 6 (Foreign Films) became active Jul 2019
Music Appreciation 9 became active Jul 2019
Walking for Pleasure became active Jul 2019
Scots Gaelic (Beginners) 2 became active Jul 2019

Suspended Groups

French Rusty Returners 2 suspended May 2020 awaiting a new leader

Proposed Groups
The following groups have been proposed but are not yet active - please contact the Leader or Group Coordinator if you are interested in joining any of them:

Philosophy of everyday ethical issues proposed Jun 2019 contact gc3@edinburghu3a.org.uk
Book Reading 11 proposed Jun 2019 contact gc1@edinburghu3a.org.uk
History (Military) proposed Jun 2019 contact gc2@edinburghu3a.org.uk
Dejeuner Francophone proposed May 2019 contact gc1@edinburghu3a.org.uk
Golf - Pitch and Putt proposed Mar 2020 contact gc2@edinburghu3a.org.uk
Forensic Science proposed Mar 2020 contact gc2@edinburghu3a.org.uk
Walking (Beginners Nordic) proposed Feb 2020 contact gc5@edinburghu3a.org.uk
Drones & Flying Model Aircraft proposed Feb 2020 contact gc3@edinburghu3a.org.uk
Playwriting proposed Feb 2020 contact gc3@edinburghu3a.org.uk
Economics/Economist Reading proposed Nov 2019 contact gc2@edinburghu3a.org.uk
Tennis 3 proposed June 2019 contact gc5@edinburghu3a.org.uk
French on the Move proposed March 2019 contact gc2@edinburghu3a.org.uk