Lunch Club Guidelines

Lunch Club Guidelines
Book the next meal at the previous lunch, at an Open Meeting, by email or telephone to the monthly organiser. The organiser changes every month. See the Lunch Club Programme.
Remember to cancel - even on the morning of the lunch. PLEASE DO NOT TELEPHONE THE RESTAURANT TO BOOK OR CANCEL
The time is normally 12.15 pm for 12.30 pm.
You should pay for your drinks as you get them.
Payment for the meal varies - the money may be taken at the table (if it is a fixed price menu) or individually at the till.
Keep a note of the cost of your meal - it is your choice whether to give a tip.
Recommendations for venues are appreciated. These should be easy to reach and able to accommodate up to 25 people.
Lunches are held the first Tuesday and Wednesday of the month and the following Thursday every month except January.
Thanks are due to the committee members who organise the lunches. They are: Patricia Baillie Strong (convenor), Jenny Di Rollo, Pauline MacDonald, Judy Mitchelson, Maureen Runciman, Sheila Ross and Jess Timms.