How To Join a Group

Joining a group

To join any activity group you should first become a member of Edinburgh u3a. You can find details of how to join Edinburgh u3a here. When you join you will receive a Groups Booklet with contact details for the Group Leaders.

If you are interested in joining an activity group you should contact the group leader listed in the Groups Booklet. You should be able to obtain the email and/or telephone number from the groups booklet. If you have problems doing this then please email the Group Coordinator listed at the foot of the appropriate page in the groups booklet and they should be able to provide the information. Remember that to join a group you should first join Edinburgh u3a.

Some groups may already be full. If this is the case with the group that you wish to join, please ask the group leader to put you on the waiting list.

Many group meetings take place in the group leader's home. A minimum charge of £1 is made to cover refreshments and other expenses.

Group full or can't find what you want?

Why not consider starting up an activity group yourself. It can meet weekly, fortnightly or monthly, it might be in the form of a course lasting a few weeks or it might run for a year on a trial basis. It doesn't have to be a long term commitment.

Information on new groups is announced at the monthly open meetings and in the monthly Bulletin. If you need any help or advice about starting a group, email one of the Group Coordinators who will be able to guide you through the process.