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Using Genetics to help Elephant Conservation in Cambodia
Presented by Dr Alex Ball, Wild Genes Laboratory, Edinburgh Zoo

Ten (Quite) Interesting Things about Intelligence
Presented by Professor Ian Deary, Centre for Cognitive Ageing, University of Edinburgh

Prion Diseases, including CJD, BSE & Scrapie
Presented by Dr Neil McKenzie, National CJD Research and Surveillance Unit, University of Edinburgh

Lichens: A Tale of Hidden Diversity Right Under our Noses
Presented by Dr Rebecca Yahr, Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh

Cold-water Corals -- The Mingulay Reef Complex
Presented by Professor Murray Roberts, Applied Marine Biology, University of Edinburgh

Wobbles, Tilts and Time Lords: Understanding the Climate of the Past
Presented by Professor Kate Darling, Geosciences, University of Edinburgh, and Geography, University of St Andrews

Why do only humans get dementia?
Presented by Professor Frank Gunn-Moore, Biology, University of St Andrews

Fibres from Plants
Presented by Dr Gunnel Birgitta Debenham PhD ARCS

The Global Nitrogen Challenge
Presented by Professor Mark Sutton, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Natural Environment Research Council, and University of Edinburgh

RNA: The Unsung Hero of Life
Presented by Professor Jean Beggs, Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology, University of Edinburgh


Is the Future Really Renewable?
Presented by Professor Jack Ponton, Engineering, University of Edinburgh

Imaging with a Magnet and a Radio: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI); How it Works, What it Shows, and How Safe it is
Presented by Dr Georgia March, Medical Physics, U3A Member

What's New in Dementia Diagnosis?
Presented by Professor John Starr, Geriatric Medicine, University of Edinburgh

Special Christmas Meeting, with short presentations from 3 Members
Global Warming: some limits to rationality
How strong electric fields affect how plants and animals develop
The German Physikum exam

Zebrafish as a Model for Neurodegenerative Diseases and Injury
Presented by Professor Catherina Becker, Centre for Neuroregeneration, University of Edinburgh

Presented by Professor Sir Adrian Bird, Genetics, University of Edinburgh

A Comparison of Suspension and Cable-stayed Bridges
Presented by Richard Hornby, Specialist Bridge Engineer with Arup

Catching Cosmic Cataclysms: The New Field of Gravitational Wave Astronomy
Presented by Dr Jonathan Gair, School of Mathematics, University of Edinburgh

Supplying Metals that Don’t Cost the Earth
Presented by Professor Peter Tasker, School of Chemistry, University of Edinburgh

Lead, where it comes from, how it has been used, and its effects on humans
Presented by Dr Beverly Bergman


Scottish Women of Science
Presented by Catherine Booth

Investigating the Impossible
Presented by Prof Caroline Watt

Pondering Primate Personality
Presented by Dr Alex Weiss

The Antibiotic Crisis
Presented by Dr Clare Taylor

Making our Lives Colourful
Presented by Prof Roger Wardman

Particle Physics
Presented by Prof Franz Muheim

The Ebola Virus
Presented by Prof Dorothy Crawford

Biology and Models
Presented by Dr Patrick Heun

Red Squirrel diseases
Presented by Prof Anna Meredith

Cold Fusion
Presented by Prof Tony Trewavas


Organic Food & Farming
Presented by Prof Tony Trewavas

Development of Human Embryon
Presented by Dr Peter Ramage

Intelligent Robots
Presented by Dr Subramanian Ramamoorthy

Presented by Dr Colin Campbell

Interactive Textiles
Presented by Prof Roger Wardman

Black Holes
Presented by David Nisbet

Ageing & Mental Skills
Presented by Prof Ian Deary

Carbon Capture
Presented by Prof Stuart Haszeldine

Plant Behaviour and Intelligence
Presented by Prof Tony Trewavas

Breast Cancer
Presented by Mr Udi Chetty


Communication for Children with Special Needs
Presented by Dr Helen Pain

Marine Conservation
Presented by Seabird Centre

Synthetic Bio-engineering
Presented by Prof Alistair Elfick

Presented by Prof Sir Geoff Palmer

NHS & Social Services
Presented by Dr Gavin MacColl

Thorium (Nuclear Power)
Presented by Dr Jason Love

Caribbean Invertebrates
Presented by Barbara Richardson

Dark Energy
Presented by Prof Andy Taylor

Li-Fi –

Forensic Science
Presented by Dr Kathy Charles


Wind Turbines
Presented by Prof Tony Trewavas

Genetic Modification
Presented by Dr Ulrich Loening

Presented by Prof Eleanor Campbell

Higgs Boson; What Happens Now?
Presented by Dr Jenni Smillie

Stress Steroids
Presented by Prof Karen Chapman

The Ozone Hole
Presented by Prof Arthur Cracknell

Bee Keeping
Presented by Alan Riach

Environmental Archaeology
Presented by Sharon Carson

Sleep Disorders
Presented by Dr Renata Riha

2012/13 (This year not necessarily correct!)

Mapping Scotland
Presented by Dr C Fleet

Human Genome
Presented by Dr Semple

Wind Turbines
Presented by Dr J Taylor

Working with Precious Metals
Presented by Sheana Stephens

Epstein Barr Virus
Presented by Prof Dorothy Crawford

Smallenberg Virus –

Chile Telescope
Presented by Dr T Johnson

Presented by Dr D Davine

Brain Banking
Presented by Prof J Bell

Quantum Computing
Presented by Prof Kashefi