Geology Group Programme 2020-2021

All meetings were held on-line via Zoom.

10th September. Brent MacGregor. Geosail expedition in the Western Isles.

8th October. Greg Funston. Walking with Dinosaurs: Reconstructing Behaviour in Extinct Animals.

5th November. Craig Scott. The Christchurch Earthquake.

3rd December. Members' reports on:
- photos from 2012 trip to Iceland)
- Visual Rock Inspiration for Tapestry
- photos from Gribun Mill on Mull
- reading of Edwin Morgan's poem 'Slate'
- pebble quiz
- Rock-inspired Handprinted Artworks

7th January. Colin MacFadyen. Skye Nature Conservation Order: An effort to conserve globally significant fossil resources of high collector value in a remote location.

4th February. Members' reports on:
- Residential trip to Arran
- Sea, Coal and Pooh, Marie Stopes Geological Career
- The Cliffs of Fundy Geopark in Nova Scotia
- The Acasta Gneiss: The Oldest Rock in the World

4th March. Peter Del Strother. History of Cement and the Romans.

1st April. Hermione Cockburn. Discovering the Deep: Charles Wyville Thompson and Scotland's Deep Sea Heritage.

6th May. Members' reports on local trips:
- Cramond Island
- Castle Building Stones

6th June. Members' report: Two Glens, Roy and Tilt.

1st July. Members' reports on Eyemouth trip.