On-Line Meetings

A number of Edinburgh u3a groups are now having regular on-line meetings. More are likely to follow. Although we all want live meetings again as soon as possible, on-line meetings may continue as well because they offer help to people who cannot attend live meetings. Any u3a Edinburgh member who would like to join a Group if it has on-line sessions but could not attend live meetings, is advised to contact the Group Leader.

On-Line meeting formats:
EU3A groups are using at least three on-line meeting formats:

  • Zoom is being used by:
Art Appreciation A Art 1 Art 2
Astronomy Book Reading 1 Book Reading 2
Book Reading 6 Book Reading 7 Book Reading 8
Book Reading 10 Book Reading 11 Bridge Intermediate (social)
Chess Circle Dancing Classics 1 (history and language)
Classics 2 (Art and History) Climate Emergency - Wider Issues Creative Writing 3
Current Affairs 1 (no vacancy) Current Affairs 3 Current Affairs 4
Dejeuner francophone Directions in Retirement Dutch (Intermediate)
Eastern Philosophy & Thought Family History Film Appreciation 3
Film Appreciation 5 Forensic Science French Current Affairs
French Rusty Returners 1 French (advanced/intermediate) French (conversation advanced)
Gaelic Reading Gallery Group 4 Geology
German Conversation 2 (not beginners) German (Intermediate) Good Companions
Guitar Playing History (military)History (World)
Italian (Beginners) Italian (Improvers) Italian (Intermediate)
Laughter for Health Lunch Club (Sundays) Meteorology
Mindfulness Meditation 1 Mindfulness Meditation 2 Mindfulness Meditation 3
Music Appreciation 1 Music Appreciation 11 (Tchaikovsky) Out of Africa
Perspectives on Plays Philosophy of Science Photography 3
Photography 4 Press Gang Psychology (no vacancies)
Qi Gong 1 Qi Gong 2 Quilting & Patchwork 1
Raspberry Pi Recorder (Continuers) Science - Current Discoveries
Scots Gaelic Reading (Intermediate) Scottish Authors Scottish Country Dance
Scottish History Shakespeare Spanish (Advanced)
Spanish (Intermediate) Spanish (Intermediate) 1 Spanish (Intermediate/Advanced)
Sewing (Sustainable, online) Tapestry Weaving Theatre
Ukulele (Intermediate) Vedic Chant
Walks (All Year Adventure Walkers) Walks (Moderate) 2 Walks (monthly)
Wine Tasting Yoga (Gentle) 2A Yoga (Gentle) 2B
Yoga 4 (Iyengar)
  • Skype is being used by:
Photography 1 Photography 2 Scots Gaelic Post-Beginners
  • Jitsi is used by:
Italian (Post-Beginners) 2 Philosophy of Everyday Ethical Issues
  • Whatsapp is used by:
Argentine Tango Good Companions Jogging
Spanish (Post Beginners) Tapestry Weaving

Those not familiar with Zoom technology can download Instructions for using Zoom (courtesy of Richard Peoples).