On-Line Meetings

A number of Edinburgh U3A groups are now having regular on-line meetings. More are likely to follow. Although we all want live meetings again as soon as possible, on-line meetings may continue as well because they offer help to people who cannot attend live meetings. Any U3A Edinburgh member who would like to join a Group if it has on-line sessions but could not attend live meetings, is advised to contact the Group Leader.

On-Line meeting formats:
EU3A groups are using at least three on-line meeting formats:

  • Zoom is being used by:
Art 2 Astronomy Book Reading 10
Classics 1 (history and language) Classics 2 (Art and History) Climate Emergency - We Care!
Climate Emergency - Wider Issues Creative Writing 3 Current Affairs 1 (no vacancy)
Directions in Retirement Eastern Philosophy & Thought French Current Affairs
French Rusty Returners 1 French (advanced/intermediate) French (conversation advanced)
Gaelic Reading Gallery Group 4 Geology
German (Intermediate) Golf Guitar Playing
History (military and WW2) Italian (Beginners) Lunch Club (Sundays)
Meteorology Out of Africa Perspectives on Plays
Philosophy of Everyday Ethical Issues Philosophy of Science Photography 4
Psychology (no vacancies) Qi Gong 1 Qi Gong 2
Quilting & Patchwork 1 Science - Current Discoveries Science of Wellbeing in COVID Times
Scottish Authors Spanish (Advanced) Spanish (Intermediate)
Tapestry Weaving Ukulele (Intermediate) Walks (All Year Adventure Walkers)
Walks (Moderate) 2 Walks (monthly) Wine Tasting
Yoga (Gentle) 2A Yoga (Gentle) 2B Yoga 4 (Iyengar)
  • Skype is being used by:
Photography 1 Photography 2 Scots Gaelic (beginners) 2
Spanish (intermediate) 2
  • Jitsi is used by:
Italian (Post-Beginners) 2
  • Whatsapp is used by:
Jogging Spanish (Post Beginners) Tapestry Weaving

Those not familiar with Zoom technology can download Instructions for using Zoom (courtesy of Richard Peoples).