Activities during Coronavirus

Below are a few notes about activities of particular groups. They are by no means exhaustive and do not imply that these represent the best practice; they merely provide illustrations of what is being done.

Astronomy have revived an existing procedure whereby members on observing a phenomenon such as an aurora will notify the GL who then alerts the other members by text so that they can have a look.
Pool uses Email for chatting, joking etc, but some members are playing pool online. Many bridge players are probably also playing online using Bridge Base Online or similar.
Circle Dancing. The group leader sends members a video so that they can dance at home. More members welcome.
Climate Change Groups. The group leader has set up two Email groups and posts information to both. One is for members who have agreed to share their Email addresses, and they can respond to him and to each other. The other group, which do not share addresses, can only respond to him.
Film Appreciation 4 have kindly provided an annotated list of recommendations for “Desert Island Films” which they hope will give members some ideas for things to watch during the lockdown. Click here to see it.
French Rusty Returners meets on Zoom. They use breakout sessions on Zoom to split up for 1:1 conversations.
German (Intermediate) meets weekly on Zoom. The GL sets 2 lots of homework each time which she corrects by Email.
Geology. This group has provided a link to “Lockdown Lectures” delivered on Zoom by Angus Miller who leads a lot of their visits and trips. They are good talks; he invites a voluntary donation.
Guitar Playing uses Zoom to meet and play online, apparently successfully.
Italian (Post Beginners) 2 uses Jitsi for videoconferencing, and meetings include the Italian teacher who is currently in Genoa!
Photography 1 and 2 “meet” using Skype and discuss their photographs. These have previously been posted on their existing web site which they view on another device during the meeting.
Photography 3 communicate by Email (not just about photography). They continue, with some modifications, to post their photos on Flickr which permits members to comment on each others’ pictures.
Spanish (Advanced) The Group leader, Fran Dorward, has become very expert with Zoom. She overcomes the 40-minute time limit by scheduling two meetings 40 minutes apart.
Ukelele Group use Zoom weekly. The group leader plays and the other members who are muted can hear and follow her although they cannot hear each other. They also make regular use of their WhatsApp group.
Walks (All Year Adventure Walkers) have a fortnightly Zoom meeting on the day they would normally be walking and have also set up an online forum where members can share exploits, comments and photographs.