East Renfrewshire

Points to note

It looks like we will be a fairly large group of at least 20 people so we need to be careful not to block the paths and to leave room for other park users to get past. There will, no doubt, be other, faster, walkers, as well as cyclists and joggers in the park. Obviously, as with all of this type of U3A activity, the emphasis is on socialising and chatting to other people, but I would ask you to always be aware that someone may be trying to get past so please don’t get in the way.

We will be walking at the pace of the slowest member, so please don’t go charging off too far ahead. If you’re looking for a ‘brisk’ walk, this Group is definitely not for you!

If you intend bringing a dog with you I’m sure I don’t need to remind you that it must be kept on a lead and under control at all times. I reserve the right to refuse to allow any dog to accompany us if I consider it to be problematic in any way.

Please be aware that you are undertaking this activity entirely at your own risk. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are suitably shod and that you are physically capable of walking for an hour or more, albeit at a slow, comfortable pace.

As this is an outdoor activity, it is weather-dependent and could possibly be cancelled at the last minute if I consider the weather to be too inclement for a pleasant walk. If this does happen, (and I will leave the decision as late as possible to allow things to improve), I will inform you by email so please make sure you keep an eye on your inbox if the weather’s not looking good on the day. Obviously, I’m hoping for a repeat of last year’s weather and that we will enjoy some lovely summer evenings!

Finally, I realise that things can occur unexpectedly so if you have said you are coming and then find out at the last minute that you can’t make it after all, please let me know by texting or phoning my mobile (I will give you the number when you join the group).