Eastleigh District

Open Meetings

Our Open Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every month at 2pm in Fair Oak Village Hall, Shorts Road, Fair Oak.

Our Chair will open the meeting with any updates and news.
There is an opportunity to find out about outings, holidays, events and groups.

Normally we also have a raffle each month, with some of the prizes donated by our members. Then a good opportunity to have a natter whilst enjoying a cuppa and biscuit!!!

Please view our list of interesting speakers that are currently scheduled

Previous talks in 2021

HOW DO YOU TAKE YOURS? Jane Glenie Weds 17th March 2pm
Jane Glenie presented ‘A 1950’s tea party,’ a celebration at the end to tea rationing with a selection of amusing and historical stories about tea.

Fool's Gold Carol & Steve Robson, Acoustic Guitar duo Weds 21st April, 2pm
Fool's Gold presented ‘Dark Light', the flannan island mystery, a fascinating story about the loss of three lighthousemen in 1900 told with a combination of old and new songs, and amazing visuals.

A Zoom Evening of Magic, Mystery and Fun!
On Friday 19th March at 7pm we were entertained by magician Steve Price, who is a Gold Star member of the Magic Circle.
His unique show of laughs, mystery and cunning sleight of hand that has delighted audiences us all!

In partnership with Eastleigh Museum and Hamble Valley u3a, Eastleigh u3a are pleased to offer three events for the Heritage Open Days, Edible England festival 10-19 September 2021

Exploring mid-century recipes

Eastleigh Museum, 25 High St , Eastleigh, Hampshire, SO50 5LP

Working at Eastleigh Museum, in the setting of a mid-century kitchen and living room, we will be on hand to explore recipes of the mid-century and discover how familiar these remain today! Perhaps with a new twist such as the addition of chilli or herbs and spices! Give your Toad in the hole new pizazz! Add daring colour to Fancies or chilli to chocolate brownies! Share your photos of recipes you’ve collected from this period or updated ones and we can develop a new project for people to enjoy! Perhaps grandparents and grandchildren would enjoy exploring these recipes in a family Bake-In! 
Learn about how people stored, prepared and cooked foods in yesteryears. Find out how people went about using the items from the mid-century kitchen. And try our Yesteryear Quiz!
Did you know that in the 1920s only plain flour was widely available? Who was the first to raise our expectations and how did self-raising flour become so popular?

We would be delighted to see you!
Event Times
Friday 10 September: 1000-1200
Booking Details
No booking required

Sourdough workshops Part 1 and 2
Online live workshop Eastleigh, Hampshire
Join us for our workshops on making Sourdough bread and continue onto baguettes, focaccia and pave rolls.
In two easy sessions learn how to make a sourdough starter and the techniques used to perfect the sourdough bread you make.
Sourdough bread is very on-trend at the moment but was known from at least Egyptian times. If you enjoy a sandwich made with sourdough bread or crunchy sourdough toast at breakfast you may enjoy a couple of sessions discovering how this is made and how to hone your bread-making skills. We are delighted to offer two fun Sourdough workshops to get you started on the sourdough 'journey'!

In Part 1 on Friday 10th September we will learn how to make the Sourdough ‘starter’. Sourdough bread is made using only wild yeast naturally found in flour (and present in the atmosphere too) which is developed and fed over a few days making a product called a ‘Starter’. To make your starter you’ll need strong, organic white flour, tepid water, kitchen scales and a jar…let the magic begin!

In Part 2 on Friday 17th September we will be using our starter to make a Sourdough loaf to enjoy that evening! You will need to sign up again for this second workshop.
Event Times
Friday 10 September: 14:00 - 15:00 and Friday 17 September 10:00-15:00
Booking Details
Pre-booking: Required Contact: Sue Gibson at: edu3achair@gmail.com

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Support The Air Ambulance - Donate Used Stamps and Used or New Postcards

The Air Ambulance is wholly funded by private donations. One of their ways of fundraising is by collecting used stamps, with a border from the envelope around the stamp.
Postcards are collected for the MFS (Medicine Flying Service)

This support is needed all year round so please keep all your used stamps and bring them to the monthly meetings, there is a collection envelope for the stamps on the Information Table at the back of the Hall.