Eastbourne Central

Talks and Lectures 2022 - 2023

The programme of talks in St Saviour's church hall,l South Street BN21 4U, should proceed as planned.
Members attending are asked to will be signed into a register.

Speakers for the Science and Life series - all start at 10.30am on the first Wednesday of the month

Wednesday 7th September
Sarah Oldbridge – Through the Seasons at Kew Gardens

Wednesday 5th October
Ray Hale – Cambodia & The Lost Temples of Angkor Wat

Wednesday 2nd November
Andrew Walker - Matthew 25 Mission

Wednesday 7th December
Ann Bridgwood – The British Museum

Wednesday 4th January
Sally White – Tea & The English

Wednesday 1st February
Helena Griffiths – Half a Continent in 80 days (Australia)

Wednesday 1st March
Mike Tribe – Faberge's Eggs

Wednesday 5th April
Christina Ewbank – Eastbourne Chamber of Commerce

Wednesday 3rd May
Peter Griffiths – Sextant to Satnav (45 years in aviation)

Wednesday 7th June
Trevor Weeks – East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service

Speakers for the General Series - all start at 2pm on the fourth Thursday of the month

Thursday 22nd September
Colin Brown – The Spitfire Women

Thursday 27th October
Stephen Hand - National Coastwatch Institute

Thursday 24th November
Gilly Halcrow – Special Operations Executive Churchill's Secret Army
Thursday 15th December
Christmas Quiz

Thursday 26th January
Mark Sawyer – RNLI

Thursday 23rd February
Ian Currie - Gales, Greenhouses & Global Warming

Thursday 23rd March (AGM)
Mike Morley Memorial Lecture
David Horne – A Look Back at ENSA

Thursday 27th April
Lee Duyvesteyn - A Year in the Life of a Beekeeper

Thursday 25th May
Joe Chadwick-Bell – CEO – East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust

Thursday 22nd June
Rukshana Master – Tales from the Time of the British Raj#