East of England U3A Region

EofE trustee

Introduction to your Regional Trustee
The role of a regional trustee is twofold with my first priority being the NEC as this is the body that is responsible for the running of the Third Age Trust which is a charity in its own right as well as a company employing staff.
As I live in Croxley Green which is in South West Hertfordshire and hence only just in the region the geography of the area is also another learning opportunity for me.
As a regional trustee I have to also represent the views of all the U3As in the region, currently about 140 and growing. I am also there to offer advice and support where I can. Inevitably with the number of U3As it is impossible to visit you all, so the local networks will be a vital link for me. However feel free to contact me direct via e-mail.
There is a lot going on nationally right now, especially the consultation on the governance of the trust. If you cannot get to any of the network consultations then let have your views and I’ll pass them on.
This is the second largest region in the country in terms of numbers of U3As with significant distances from one side to the other. If I am to fulfil the support role to both new and existing U3As then it will be much easier if there are people in the region who can assist me. Whilst there are some Regional Volunteers (RV) more are needed as many hands make light work. All RVs receive training in how to help set up new U3As although this knowledge is equally valuable when offering advice to existing ones. All expenses are paid so if anyone is interested in assisting me by becoming a new RV please let me know. Jeff Carter