East of England Region

IT Support

IT Help for Your u3a

The East of England IT Helpers are a group of u3a members led by the region’s IT Advisor who are willing to help other u3as in the region with IT and modern digital communications. This is a pilot scheme. The trial will end in late February 2022 when it will be reviewed to assess the demand and usefulness of such a scheme and what lessons can be learnt. So use it or lose it!

The helpers aren’t all-knowing IT gurus, just u3a members who are willing to help. We cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to answer everything that’s thrown at us, but we will try, or at the least we’ll tell you how to contact further sources of help.

The areas that we may be able to help with include the technology aspects of

  • membership
  • general u3a admin
  • the technology used for meetings, especially online and hybrid meetings
  • accessibility
  • general productivity software (e.g. Word, Excel, Libre Office, Pages, Google Sheets)
  • the Internet, email; online scams
  • and anything else you're tryng to achieve

It costs you nothing to ask us a question and one or more of us might have exactly the knowledge that can help.

To contact us the send an email to IT Helpers.

If you're somebody who helps others with their technology we'd like to add you to our team of helpers. Please contact IT Helpers.


Useful resources will be added to this page or to the links on the right from time to time.

Disclaimer: This service has been developed to help members and is given in the spirit of best efforts. The Third Age Trust cannot be held responsible for any consequences related to any advice offered. Should any u3a receive advice from another member or u3a which results in equipment or the event failing then the responsibility lies with the u3a accepting the advice and not with the Third Age Trust.