East Grinstead

The Strange Incident on 9/11

I had just returned from a year in Vienna and was settling into the oddities of British life on the eleventh of September 2000 when my wife drew my attention to the television with a cry of alarm and disbelief. One plane had already struck one World Trade Building and it was not long before a second plane struck the other. It was an astonishing sight but I was to be further astonished by one of the following events. One of the towers collapsed with what looked on television like unimpeded gravitational acceleration. For the benefit of those who do not know about these things, I should point out that when demolition experts take down a smoke stack or high building they first weaken it and, if necessary, plant explosive charges in strategic places in the structure. This ensures that the building falls in such a way that rubble falls close to the base of the structure. Sometimes such demolition is shown on television and it can be seen that the building falls in a relatively unimpeded way and at something approaching gravitational acceleration. Skyscrapers are built around a skeleton cage of steel girders and would certainly not have collapsed in the manner and at the speed that the twin towers collapsed at.
I guessed that others would have noticed this and, sure enough, several heavyweight academic mechanical and structural engineers weighed in with a lot more detailed information. Among these was Dr. Judy Wood – a professor of mechanical engineering. She has conducted an extensive forensic examination of what happened to the twin towers on 9/11and on the evidence she gathered has filed a federal case for science fraud against the contractors who contributed to the official explanation of the event.
I haven’t the time to go into more detail but the salient points of this affair seem to me to be the following ones:
• The towers were certainly struck by aircraft that had been hijacked by terrorists and aviation fuel would have poured into them and ignited,
• The towers fell more quickly and tidily than they should have done,
• Burning aviation fuel does not achieve high enough temperatures to melt steel though it may well have raised the temperature of some girders to red (or higher) heat – weakening them considerably.
The field has been wide open to conspiracy theorists who have suggested that the destruction was the work of two agencies – the terrorists and one of a selection of organisations including the CIA. It certainly looks as though two separate agencies were involved but it is difficult to believe that the CIA would do something like that to Americans and to understand what their motives might be. It is also difficult to imagine how the demolition equipment was planted without raising suspicion. And it is difficult to imagine that the secret would not have got out by now.
John Gibbs