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* Read the article about East Grinstead u3a in the December edition of RH Uncovered ==>Great Publicity

* If you click on this ==> Kindertransport and u3a you will open a very interesting mailing sent from the u3a office:
'On National Kindertransport Day (2 December), we will be hosting an event with Dame Esther Rantzen which feature u3a members with ties to the Kindertransport.
u3a guest speakers will include Kindertransport evacuees themselves, children of ‘the kinder’ and those who have grown up calling these rescued children their sibling.'

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* And now a central U3A Facebook page too "U3A: Keeping in Touch"
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* Are you hard of hearing? Is everyone mumbling? Are you fed up with missing out in conversations?? Then try finding out about Lip Reading. We are actively promoting a course which starts on 4th October. The details can be found here ==> Lipreading course. Hilary Lagden is running the course in Forest Row. Depending upon numbers there will be a small charge per session, to cover costs. But the first session will be a free taster!!


Lift Sharing If you are without transport or if you are able to offer other members a lift to an event or venue just click here==>Lift Sharing

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New Groups Please see details for all new groups under the GROUPS button. Our Newest Group - Saving Planet Earth

How Tech Savvy are we?
The Institute of Engineering and Technology publishes a ground-breaking report. Follow the link ==> Tech savvy for the third age
and an interesting take on passwords from Michael McIntyre! ==>Michael


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