East Grinstead

The EG U3A Photographic Competition

A little bit of clarification for you:
1. The event is open to any member of our U3A, and all contributions are welcomed.
2. This is not designed to be an elitist photographic competition.
3. We will be running one competition each month.
4. The subject and entry date deadlines will be advised in advance.
5. There is a limit of up to THREE entries per member.
6. If you include any images of people, please make sure that you are complying with the requirements of GDPR.
7. Please don’t submit any images for which others own the copyright.
8. We will be displaying your entries on the website, but because we are strictly limited on file space, they will be displayed at a low resolution. However, the original entries will be made available to anyone who wants to obtain a copy in the original size format. The website copies will be removed at the end of the following month.
9. All members of East Grinstead u3a be asked to select the top three images.
10. The top three entries will be displayed in a “Hall of Fame” page on the website for a longer period.

Procedure for submitting your photos.
1. You must provide a title for your submission(s)
2. You should also add some descriptive information about the photo. This is free format and you can say whatever you like. This description will appear with the photo on the website, it may have to be edited depending upon space availability.
3. You need to submit your photos electronically – so sadly post entries cannot be processed! You can send copies attached to emails; by links from Dropbox; by using WeTransfer, or indeed by any other file transfer process.
4. If you send file by email, they should be as compact as possible so we expect to receive then in .JPG format. See special note below for MAC, iPhone or iPad users.
5. Please send your images to me at photos@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk. I will acknowledge their receipt and advise if there is a need to change the method of submission or resolution etc.
6. We will be running one competition each month.
7. The subject and entry date deadlines will be advised in advance.
8. We will keep in touch with you by email, and by updates to the web page for the group at https://u3asites.org.uk/east-grinstead/page/110692.

Important note for Apple users (PC users can ignore this):
If you are emailing photos, they must be ATTACHED to your email, not EMBEDDED. This is important if you are emailing them from an Apple iPhone, iPad or Apple MAC. Photos need to be COMPRESSED into a “ZIP” file format in order to ensure that they can be sent as an attachment with full information. If you own a recent iPad or iPhone with the iOS 13 operating system or later this is straightforward. If your iPad or iPhone has iOS 12 or earlier you should contact John Wells for assistance.

Edwin Cowley