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As a group leader you will be given a System User ID which will allow you to attend to all matters concerning your group in our Beacon Membership system.

You can find out more about the Beacon system from this short video ==> Beacon explained - YouTube video
And log into Beacon as a Group Leader here ==> Log in to Beacon
Find out the latest from the Beacon Support Team ==> Beacon News - Sept 2021

Once registered as a Group Leader, you will be able to maintain all aspects of your group in Beacon.
Specifically, you will be able to:

  • See a complete list of your group members, with all personal contact details
  • Receive an email when a member has joined your interest group online; has been added to the waiting list of a group that is full, or has left your group
  • Add or remove new members manually
  • Add or change descriptive details about your group
  • Send out blind copy personalised emails for any selected group of members in your group (Good security!).
  • Attach documents to any emails
  • Add links to any emails by hypertext
  • Print and send out personalised letters to members of your group (Very useful if they are in the 12% without email!)

Once you are set up with your own Group page, you will be able to edit it just as you please. Just contact System Administrator John Wells by email, phone or in writing if you need any assistance