East Grinstead

2019-20 AGM

This year our AGM was held with postal and email voting, as permitted by the Charity Commission (COVID-19 relaxation)

At the AGM three important proposals for changes to the Constitution were voted upon:

  • A proposal to reduce the AGM voting quorum from 15% to 10% of paid up members
  • A proposal to enable any future AGM to be held alternatively by electronic means
  • A proposal to remove the provision that changes to the annual membership subscription could only be made and approved at the AGM.

Each of the proposals had already been documented and approved in conjunction with the Third Age Trust legal advice team.
The proposals were all successfully adopted. The next step was to submit the proposed changes to the Charity Commission for their approval.
The impact of all three changes will considerably assist the executive committee in managing the affairs of East Grinstead U3A as trustees.
For completeness the following documents remain available:

AGM Agenda
Chairs report 2019-20
Treasurers report
Examined Accounts 2019-20
Agenda items 6 and 7
Proposals to change the constitution