East Grinstead

BEACON - Our Membership system and more

East Grinstead u3a went technically LIVE on the Beacon system on 5th May 2020
We are in the company of nearly 500 u3as that have already moved their local systems onto Beacon.
Subscribing to Beacon has allowed us to dispense with all of our local solutions. It is an online system, available 24/7, with full professional support and a help desk. Accordingly roles can be transferred from member to member in the simplest possible way. And our data, which is securely held and transferred fully encrypted complies with the requirements of GDPR and is backed up every day.

For all this, and the associated removal of fears about data loss, etc, we are charged £1 per member per annum

********* FIND OUT MORE - BEACON NEWS **********

Click here => Beacon News - Sept 2021 to find out the latest from the Beacon Support team

For an 8 minute overview of Beacon, click here => Beacon explained - YouTube video for a video introduction to the system

********* FIND OUT MORE - BEACON NEWS **********

When you either renew your membership or make an application to join U3A the differences will emerge.


To gain access you need to validate your details.
Go to ==> Access the Beacon user portal
Simply enter your Member Number (on your card); your name; email ID and postcode. You will be able to browse all the latest information about our various interest groups.


  • Group information is in some cases out of date. (Due to the COVID pandemic). Group leaders are updating their group information.
  • It is strongly recommended to use this website rather than Beacon to show any details info, as the room is limited on Beacon and the text editing is very limited
  • The Portal system is case sensitive and rather fussy. You will need to ensure that the correct capital and lower case letters exactly match the way your membership details are held in the system.
  • Please ensure there are no spaces before or after each of the name fields which can occur if you use the autofill feature of your browser and is particularly true when using a tablet such as an iPad.

JOINING, LEAVING or WAIT LISTING. In particular, you will now be able to:

  • JOIN a group that has vacancies. The Group Leader is notified by email that you have joined
  • WAIT LIST. Add your name to the waiting list for a group that is already full. The Group Leader is advised that you are on the waiting list and will be in contact with you
  • LEAVE. End your membership of a group.

Soon you will also be able to RENEW your membership online - watch out for emails and newsletters giving you updates

We have learnt a great deal about Beacon and are using it extensively for membership and group membership records, together with the emailing system, which has supplanted our use of MailChimp

  • All of our membership data has been validated
  • All groups and venues have been uploaded
  • All groups are now accurately described and where appropriate the Group Leader contact information has been made confidential
  • Every group has an accurate listing of the members of that group
  • All group leaders are now in a position to log in to their group and add or remove members and to deal with waiting lists
  • We have been able to send out personalised emails from Beacon and to track whether they have been opened or perhaps bounced due to an error in an email ID

To log in to the Beacon system as a Group Leader, please go to ==>Log in to Beacon
All Group Leaders need to have a Beacon User ID Please contact the East Grinstead Beacon Administrator for your ID if you do not yet have one, or if you have forgotten your password.

At this stage we are not implementing Beacon Financials. However to do so would be extremely simple, and the best time to do so is at the end of a financial year