East Grinstead

BEACON - Our Membership system and more


All members can access the Beacon Members Portal where you can:

View, join, wait list yourself or leave Groups. The Group Leader will be notified.
Find our contact details for Group Leaders
View a personal calendar of meetings and events
Update your personal details

To gain quick access to Beacon ===> Access the Beacon user portal. Simply enter your Member Number; your name; email ID and postcode.

If you are unsure, there is a detailed PDF document showing examples of how the Portal works ==> Beacon - Part 7

Further information can also be found ==> The Beacon Portal


To log in to the Beacon system as a Group Leader, please go to ==>Beacon Administration
All Group Leaders need to have a Beacon User ID
Please contact the East Grinstead Beacon Administrator for your ID if you do not yet have one, or if you have forgotten your password.


  • Group information is in some cases out of date. Group leaders are updating their group information.
  • It is strongly recommended to use this website rather than Beacon to show any details info, as the room is limited on Beacon and the text editing is very limited
  • The Portal system is case sensitive and rather fussy. You will need to ensure that the correct capital and lower case letters exactly match the way your membership details are held in the system.
  • Please ensure there are no spaces before or after each of the name fields which can occur if you use the autofill feature of your browser and is particularly true when using a tablet such as an iPad.