East Grinstead

Stories from Hazel Cooper

Hazel has been writing quite a lot for her Creative Writing group.

In her own words:
At school my essays were always very matter of fact and since those days I have had more success in getting factual efforts into print. However, in 2009, it appears, I had the idea for a story and after that ideas came through. In East Grinstead I Joined Creative Writing 1, originally led by Sheila Simpson and now led by Anne White. Sheila had given us the titles for the story to be presented each month and I had already prepared them so as not to be caught out. Now I choose a subject at random and just get on with it.

Hazel Cooper

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A Tale of Two KittiesAnother short story from Hazel
Arctic PrisonA Wife seeks Revenge
Cologne - March 20A city break in friendly Cologne
Flour PowerA young man struggles to gain his girlfriend’s parents’ approval
Forget Me NotA love lost and a new one found
Grandma\'s WeddingLate-flowering Love
Lifestyle in LockdownA lament about the year we missed meeting
My Silver Locket Was FoundMystery and romance at The Grand Hotel
The AssassinPharmaceutical double cross
The Cake Looked LovelyHeroism in the snow for the vicar’s wife
The GeneralThings are not always what they seem
The police car sped past himBlackmail sometimes pays off
What\'s That in the Water, Mummy?Family hides from gangland on the south coast
Afternoon TeaNEW - The biter bit.