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RISK ASSESSMENTS All Group leaders are requested to fill in Risk Assessment forms. This is a pressing need which has been brought to the forefront by the COVID19 pandemic.

TO FIND OUT MORE goto Risk Assessments

The THIRD AGE TRUST - our central body - has listed many different learning resources for you, especially when in lockdown. Go to this link to find out more ==> Third Age Trust resources

Conspiracy theories - COVID19 caused by 5G signals....
There have now been over 90 arson attacks on BT infrastucture resulting from conspiracy theorists spreading wildly inaccurate rumours on social media. Some are almost unbelievable. To read an article reprinted from The Verge go to this link - and be horrified ==> The 5G Conspiracy

Some more helpful pages from the Third Age Trust website:

ADVICE FROM THE TRUST New and up to date - all the advice you need about keeping in touch!
COVID-19 advice from the Trust Up to date COVID-19 info
Advice on U3A activities from the Trust Specific advice about COVID-19 and how it affects U3As

To join:
1. You first need to register an ID on Facebook
2. Once joined, just search for "EGU3A"
3. Ask to subscribe to the EGU3A closed group
4. You will be asked to prove your U3A identity (Member number and name).
5. Once approved you are a new member

Same principle - "U3A: Keeping in Touch"
Register in the same way.

Get involved in uploading short stories, anecdotes or poems to our website
Here's how

1. Go to the Your stories button
2. Just follow the instructions
3. Have a look at what has been uploaded already. Numerous anecdotes; traveller's tales; two or three poems, and a host of short stories

Please contact the committee if you need any further update or help, or if you have any advice or information to pass on.
The committee continues to meet by Video conference It proved very difficult, as we first tried Skype, then FaceTime, and finally WhatsApp. But all had their limitations. Finally we have found ZOOM - which really fills our requirements - and could be used by any Group leaders as well.

There is an amazing lot of help on offer from the Third Age Trust. Just because we aren't allowed to make physical contact it doesn't mean that we can't go on meeting over the Internet, by phone or even by handwritten letter. Click on ==> Keep connected!

And they are now emailing a weekly news sheet. Sounds familiar!! All members should create a user ID on the Third Age Trust website. Then you have access to all the news and advice available.

And now is the time to click and take advantage of the FREE online courses offered by the Open University. Click here ==> OpenLearn

Interested in COVID Statistics? Look at Worldometers to get the latest update on COVID-19 - country by country almost in real time