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U3A groups are run by the members for the members and are led by someone who may or may not be an expert on the subject.

U3A subject groups are self-organising, and, unless otherwise stated, meet on a regular basis in members' own homes. They each have a coordinator, who may not be an expert in the subject, but who is willing to do some of the organisation.

Members may be required to pay a small fee for any refreshments served in a member's home; if groups meeting are held in a public venue the fee will include a contribution to the cost of hiring the premises; organised visits and trips will also incur travel costs.

Meetings may take place weekly, fortnightly or monthly, depending on the subject and members' preferences, with breaks for Christmas and other holidays.

Groups which are currently running are listed below. Click on the names of the groups you are interested in for more information.

Group List
Creative WritingDiscussionParlour GamesPlay Reading
PoetryPub LunchesReadingSigning (Makaton)
Theatre OutingsVernon's Book Reading ClubWalkingWalking Cricket
Group List
Creative WritingDiscussion
Parlour GamesPlay Reading
PoetryPub Lunches
ReadingSigning (Makaton)
Theatre OutingsVernon's Book Reading Club
WalkingWalking Cricket