This page contains requests for help that Ealing U3A itself requires or that we have received from various organisations.

UCL/Imperial Map Project

This project is undertaking research to better understand how individuals find their way around cities and how this changes as they get older.
The research includes an online task requiring participants to navigate from two points within London, and provide directions as they go along. This is followed by a series of survey questions.

The survey should take no longer than 20 minutes to complete and it can be accessed using the following link - Map Project survey

If you would like any further information or have any further questions, please contact:
email: Kieran Mackay
phone: 07763 582 736

[Request added 6 August 2020]

UCL Ear Institute and Institute of Neurology - online STUDY regarding AGE-RELATED HEARING LOSS

A small group of researchers at the University College, London - Ear Institute and Institute of Neurology have set up an online study regarding age-related hearing loss.
They are studying the effect of hearing problems on quality of life and are especially interested in comparing the effect of hearing loss that occurs as one gets older with the hearing loss that occurs in a certain rare neurological condition (infratentorial superficial siderosis).

They are inviting people who have a known/CONFIRMED diagnosis of either a) Age-related hearing loss or b) Superficial siderosis (infratentorial), also known as superficial siderosis of the central nervous system to take part in this study. The study will help them understand how hearing problems may affect the quality of life in both groups and how they differ between the two.

Taking part in this study is entirely voluntary and your responses will be anonymous. The study consists of an online survey with 5-7 commonly used quality-of-life and hearing-specific questionnaires, and a number of study-specific questions. It may take approximately 1 hour to complete, but you can pause it at any time and resume where you left off.

A full description of the study can be found in the Participant Information Sheet. If you decide to participate in this study, UCL will ask you to provide your consent. These questionnaires are often used in clinical and research settings and this study has been approved by the Ethics Committee of University College London, UK.

UCL appreciate that in these times people may have different priorities and some members may not be interested, due to the current situation, whilst others may be keen to participate in the survey. They would very much appreciate our support in advertising the study to our members.

To access the study, click on the Age-related Hearing Loss link and use the access code MAT4YWY9R (the participant information sheet is also attached to the survey).
Use the following link to view the Study Poster.

You can also contact the study coordinators, who are:

[Request updated 30 April 2020]

VOLUNTEERS needed for Thursday morning Chairs rota
Request from Ealing U3A Committee

We still need a few more volunteers to put chairs out before our Thursday morning talks.

Volunteers work in teams of 4, and are asked to arrive at Ealing Green Church by 9.30 a.m on the days they are on duty. They are responsible for putting out the chairs, tables, and screen before the lecture, and for putting them away again. There is usually help putting the chairs away at the end of the morning.
Each team is only needed once a month, and if we get enough volunteers, this might be reduced to once every 5 weeks. The rota is drawn up well in advance, and we quite understand that people may sometimes be away and unable to take their shift.

If you feel you could help, please get in touch with Ed Baker who now co-ordinates this rota - contact him via the %Chairs Rota% link - or speak to Ed or to Sylvia Stirling, Ealing U3A Secretary on a Thursday morning.

[Request updated September 2019]