1 - Winter 2018 Talks

Thursday morning talks from the WINTER TERM, 2018

11 Jan 18, Ex. Superintendent Steven Deehan: “A life in Policing”

18 Jan 18, Pat Davies: “My secret work in World War Two"

25 Jan 18, Professor Michael Spiro: “Alfred Nobel: His life and his Prizes"

1 Feb 18, Professor Mair Parry: “Italy’s fascinating multilingual heritage. Italian is but one of her native tongues"

8 Feb 18, Jane Cox: “The early life of Ramsay MacDonald"

15 Feb 18, George Chesman: “The History of Kew Gardens"

22 Feb 18, Nikki Hubbard: "Growing up in Pakistan as a Muslim girl and supporting girls education"

1 Mar 18, Dr Joe Kearns: "The life of a Police Surgeon in the 60's and 70's"

8 Mar 18, Doctor Stephen Briggs: “Did he fall or was he pushed?"

15 Mar 18, Ealing U3A A.G.M. then:
............... Bob Fisher: "Biography of Julie Garland, Sammie Davies, Dean Martin"

22 Mar 18, Alan Wise: “Make the Rest of your Years the Best of your Years”

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