Photographic Competition 2018


JUDGES: Ian Richardson, with Margaret Martin, Barbara Day and Derek Atkinson

The overall standard of the entries was particularly high and presented the four judges with some very difficult choices, in each of the four categories shown below:

As in previous years, it is important to state that the judging was carried out “blind”, i.e. the names of the photographers were hidden so that the judges were not able to see who had submitted the entries until after the prize winners had been chosen.


First Prize : “Summer Holiday” by LINDA McDONALD
Second Prize: “A Quiet Day at the Beach” by SALLY PICKLES
Third Prize: “Blowing Away the Cobwebs” by GUINEVERE LOHNEIS


First Prize: “Rain Forest at Kew” by YVONNE HUGHES
Second Prize: “Bumble Bee on Lavender” by GUINEVERE LOHNEIS
Third Prize: “Kew Gardens: Summer Beds” by GUINEVERE LOHNEIS
Commended: “Summertime … and the Living is Easy” by JULIET EDWARDS
Commended: “In Hardy’s Garden” by LINDA McDONALD


First Prize: “Anthony Gormley in Cambridge” by LINDSAY BATTISON
Second Prize: “A Chance Encounter” by GUINEVERE LOHNEIS
Third Prize: “Yo” by LINDA WARD


First Prize: “Got it!” by LINDA WARD
Second Prize: “Heron on Lookout” by MARGARET JACKSON
Third Prize: “Tufted Duck at Chiswick House” by GUINEVERE LOHNEIS
Commended: “Up Tails All” by LINDA WARD

Congratulations to all the winners

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