The new committee was elected at the AGM on March 15, 2018 and the officers appointed immediately afterwards. Two members were co-opted.

John Moore: Chairman
Phil Broomsgrove: Vice-chairman and Webmaster
Barbara Kinn: Treasurer
Sylvia Stirling (co-opted): Secretary
Jill Thumpston: Membership Secretary
Derek Atkinson
Margaret Proctor
Sue Sotheran
Sue Peach (co-opted)
Linda Ward (Observer)

(Officers may be contacted through the CONTACT button above)



The committee is very glad to report that Marie Todman has agreed to take up the role of organiser of the Thursday morning talks for 2019 - a highly important, demanding task - with some assistance from George Martin. If you have any ideas for future talks and speakers, please contact Marie or John Moore, Chairman

Marie takes over from Yvonne Hughes who has provided a wonderful range of speakers for 2017 & 2018 but must now relinquish this role. Yvonne in turn took over from Rosemary Richardson who had managed this task over several years, and we thank both Rosemary and Yvonne for the excellence in their work.



The editorial team consists of Ella Marks, Margaret Martin, Grace Craddock and Michael Black. The position of Newsletter Editor-in-Chief is at present vacant.

The most recent Newsletter is available through the link on the right-hand side of this page.



30 years for Ealing U3A! A Buffet lunch was held on March 7, 2018

See photos of the occasion on this page.



The Committee is very aware that many of our members live alone and, like us all, are ‘getting on in years’. I have been keeping in touch with members who are sick or house-bound, either by telephone or by sending a card. I do need to know who is sick so that I can carry out my job: so if people contact me I will take it from there.

John Deighton, 020 8863 6640, or by email through CONTACT



We have been at Ealing Green Church for 18 months now and made to feel most welcome by Sarah and Helen of the Church staff. The Church Luncheon Club has grown with our members staying for lunch. We must remember that we do meet in a church and like most churches this one can be cold at times. The heating goes on at 8.30 for us, so we must remember if it is cold outside to wrap up well. One problem that has come up in the last 6 months is trouble with the sound equipment. For the first year all we did was turn on the equipment and away it went, now some weeks we have trouble making the sound equipment work.

Ealing U3A has continual to grow in numbers and the number of interest groups (42 groups now) and members of the committee having direct responsibility for this side of the growth. Margaret Proctor along with Mary look after new members and welcome them into Ealing U3A. Ann Marie Tighe has the responsibility of working with the interest groups and setting up new groups. Some groups need more members but the committee is committed to keeping groups open.
Our Thursday Morning meetings are going well. Rosemary Richardson finished arranging the speakers in 2017 and Yvonne Hughes will finish at the end of the year. We owe a great deal to both these fine ladies for all their hard work. I have been looking after the admin side of the speakers: as I step down as chairman, I will also step down from the admin side after doing this for 8 years. Juliet Edwards arranged a very interesting Summer Programme in 2017 for us and George Martin and Barbara Kinn have agreed to arrange the Summer Programme for 2018.

During the year, your generosity has surprised me with a total of approx. £1100.00 being raised for the Grenfell Tower disaster and The London Air Ambulance Service.
No Chairperson can work by themselves. I have been very lucky in having a very active committee helping to run Ealing U3A; and there are 9 members of the committee including two co-opted members. Each one has a responsibility to help the unit run with the Secretary (Margaret Martin) and the Treasurer (Barbara Kinn) fulfilling the two kingpins of the committee. Both Margaret and Barbara have held their positions for a number of years, making sure that even when the chair changes, Ealing U3A carries on functioning well.
The most important side of Ealing U3A is the membership and those that give up their time to run interest groups, lay out the church, support each other by attending the meetings and groups. Without you, the unit would fold. Remember, “Not what Ealing U3A can do for me, but what I can do for Ealing U3A”.

On the 7th of March we had a 30-year party. I am sorry that a large number of you were taken ill with the norovirus as it would have spoilt the day for you. Hilary Smith, our first chairperson, enjoyed the event and was not taken ill and we had all our extant former chairpersons there. It was also good to have John Bent, London Region Trustee, there to support us.

I have made the following life members of Ealing U3A: Laurie Valentine, Mary Hagger and Barbara Kinn, for all the work they have done in the past.

I would like to thank the present committee for all their support given to me and all their hard work with the running of Ealing U3A. Margaret Martin will also be stepping down from the committee and I feel that we owe her a big vote of thanks for all the hard work and duties Margaret has covered over the years.

So what happens now? I will step down from the committee, it has been a great honour to serve you over the years and count many of you as my friends. I will continue as the ‘Almoner’ for Ealing U3A looking at keeping in contact with those that cannot attend the meetings or who are sick. So thank you for allowing me to be your Chairman.
John Deighton (Acting Chairman)



Ian Nash writes about the U3A's role in science education
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FREE (or quite cheap) EVENTS IN LONDON

For a list of resources (in person and on-line) which are freely available but not usually listed in one place click on ACCESS in LINKS on this page.



Following the enormously tragic Grenfell Tower block fire on 14th June 2017, members of Ealing U3A collected £630 during their weekly meeting on Thursday, June 15 2017.

The donation was sent to the Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund where it 'will be
restricted towards supporting those most affected by the Grenfell Tower tragedy'.
Gift Aid of 25% will be claimed on the donation.

Thank you all for giving so generously.

A circular letter has been received from the Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund who received the £630 donations from Ealing U3A:

On behalf of the Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund and The London Community Foundation, I would like to thank you again for your incredibly generous support towards the Grenfell Tower Emergency Appeal. Your donation has been an incredible lifeline for the survivors, injured and next of kin as they attempt to rebuild their lives during this awful time.

Thanks to you, and others who responded to our appeal, we have raised £6.9m to date (£6.2m through the Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund and £700,000 from Artists for Grenfell). In the days that followed the Grenfell Tower fire we were able to get funds to those who had been left with absolutely nothing.

As of today we have allocated £5.5m (£5.2m of which is from the Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund) to survivors. This amounts to £27,000 to each of the 158 Grenfell Tower surviving families and £1.2m to the London Emergencies Trust for next of kin and people with life changing injuries. We have also distributed £100,000 amongst local community organisations who are helping the survivors.


Click on a picture below to see it full-size with more details.