Message from our Chairman

It is with great sadness that I am advising members of Ealing U3A of the passing away of John Deighton, our long serving member and twice former Chairman (2012/14) and then 2016/17.

I was informed recently by his close neighbour that John passed away in hospital on Monday 27 September after a stay from early September relating to his long-standing kidney problems.

Many long time members will know John very well and especially those for his friendship, sympathy and kindness to them over the years whilst acting as our Almoner. It has become apparent from some comments made to me that he went out of his way to assist them through their difficult times and we will, perhaps, never know the full extent of his helpfulness over these years.

When John became, somewhat reluctantly, Chairman again in 2016/17 he was even then not in full health but he helped our U3A to celebrate its 30th anniversary and provided time and guidance for new members to progress onto the executive committee. I would say that Ealing U3A was his passion and he was determined that it should continue to flourish. Even with his failing health he would often be the first person at Ealing Green Church on a Thursday morning setting out chairs and sorting out heating.

I am also reminded that John instigated the successful annual Photographic Competition and the thriving Family History group and encouraged many members (including myself) to step out of their comfort zone and undertake quite demanding roles.

There was a Funeral service at Christ the Saviours Church, Ealing on Monday 11 October and over 30 members of our U3A attended on the day. John specifically requested in his will that no flowers be sent but donations to The Terrence Higgins Trust would be welcomed. This is an organisation which was also dear to his heart and, indeed, he had trained to be a counsellor before the rapid deterioration to his health.

Derek Atkinson
Chair of Ealing U3A



The board of The Trust have identified four key aims as the basis of a strategy for the Third Age Trust post-pandemic. These  are:

Aim 1: Supporting An Engaged, Strong and Vibrant Movement 
Aim 2: Making u3a membership an attractive opportunity for all Retired People 

Aim 3: Developing the u3a Voice 

Aim 4: Maximising the u3a Learning Model 


More details are available at   https://www.u3a.org.uk/about/vision

Members now have an open invitation to participate in a consultation period and you can do this in a number of ways.

. A dedicated email address has been set up (strategy@u3a.org.uk) and members can offer their views, suggestions and opinions. 

. An online survey form will shortly be sent to all u3as allowing a 3 week period for members to respond. 

. Trustees have been asked to invite members in their Region to participate in an online Focus Group. 

. There will be a zoom meeting and if you would like to partake, please respond to John Bent, the Third Age Trust London Trustee. The group will be around 10 members so apologies in advance if you don’t get included. 


EALING u3a 2021 AGM and COMMITTEE Elections

The Annual General Meeting of the Ealing and District u3a was held on 25th March 2021, using Zoom due to the restrictions on face-to-face meetings. Any items which required votes were carried out using online voting.

The following reports were presented during the meeting:

  • Chairmans Report for 2020 - click on the link to view this
  • Treasurers Report for 2020 - Treasurer's Report and Notes on the Financial Statement for 2020. NB - the report available here now does not include the financial figures presented at the meeting, as these are confidential to members of Ealing U3A. If any member would like to see a copy of these figures, please email the Treasurer


For the Executive Committee for 2021/22 there were only as many candidates as there are members of the Committee, so there was no need for elections for individual candidates. Instead, Members were asked to approve the whole Committee as one.
The 2021/22 Committee members are therefore as follows:

  • Derek Atkinson, Chair
  • Sylvia Stirling, Vice-Chair
  • Patricia Donnithorne, Secretary
  • Sue Peach, Treasurer
  • Tim Carter, Interest Groups Co-ordinator
  • Phil Broomsgrove, Webmaster & Beacon Administrator
  • Jurek Narozanski, Asst Webmaster & Beacon Administrator

In addition to these permanent members of the Committee, the following Ealing U3A members are also carrying out roles to assist in the running of Ealing U3A:

  • Lyn Duffus, co-opted, dealing with all Membership matters
  • Ed Baker, who will continue to handle Communications and Planning matters
  • Rosemary Richardson will continue in her role of Talks Organiser for the rest of 2021
  • Liz Major, who will be joining the Committee in January 2022 as a co-opted member



National u3a Day was initiated by the National u3a to help raise the profile of the u3a nationally, and the first one took place on Wednesday 2nd June 2021. This is now to become an Annual event and for 2022 this will also be part of the 40th Anniversary celebrations of the u3a in the UK.

The specific date for u3a Day in 2022 has not yet been announced, but further details of planning for the u3a 40th Anniversary celebrations can be found by clicking on the link.



During the current pandemic, whilst we are regularly producing the u3a Ealing News bulletin, we have suspended production of the twice-yearly Newsletter. When things return to something like normal we will reconsider what happens with the Newsletter. Previous Newsletters are available through the links on the right-hand side of this page.

We are looking for more members to get involved in the production of the u3a Ealing News bulletin. Anyone with appropriate experience (e.g. journalism, publicity, magazine production) would be particularly welcome but enthusiasm and a willingness to help are just as important. If you are interested, contact the Chairman, Derek Atkinson as soon as possible.



2018 saw 30 years for Ealing u3a! A Buffet lunch was held on March 7, 2018. You can see photos of the occasion on this page.
At the u3a National Conference in September 2019, we were presented with a certificate commemorating our 30 year anniversary.



The Committee is very aware that many of our members live alone and, like us all, are ‘getting on in years’. We were very glad that, for many years, John Deighton had taken on the role of Almoner for our u3a and he kept in touch with members who were sick or house-bound, either by telephone or by sending a card.

Unfortunately, with John's recent death, this position is now vacant. If you feel you would be prepared to take on this role, please get in touch with our Chairman, Derek Atkinson to discuss this.
Of course, we will not know who is sick or house-bound unless someone informs him so, if you know of any member who is in the situation, please contact Derek at the moment and he will see what can be done to help.


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