Our AGM was held on Thursday 21st March 2019 - the Chairmans report for 2019 is available through LINKS on the right-hand side of this page.
At the AGM, elections were held for the new Committee for the next year and, in these, the following people were elected:

  • Derek Atkinson who is now the Chairman +
  • Ed Baker
  • Phil Broomsgrove
  • Sue Peach who is the Treasurer
  • Margaret Proctor
  • Mike Stott who is now the Vice-Chairman +
  • Sylvia Stirling who is the Secretary

+ John Moore was initially elected as Chairman for the 2019/20 year. However, not far into the year, John suffered a fall that meant his absence from U3A events for a number of weeks then, in July 2019, he moved away from the Ealing area as a result of which he resigned from the Committee.
Derek Atkinson had taken on the role of Vice-Chairman in John's absence, and then stepped up to take on the Chairman's role for the remainder of this year when John left us. Mike Stott took John's place on the Committee and has since taken on the Vice-Chairman role

In addition, the following people are co-opted to the Committee:

  • Tim Carter who is now the Interest Groups Co-ordinator
  • Jill Winter who has now taken over the role of Membership Secretary on a job-share basis (from September).

The remaining candidate also joined the Committee with 'Observer' status:

  • Lyn Duffus, who is now job-sharing the role of Membership Secretary (from September)



The editorial team consists of Margaret Martin (Editor-in-Chief), Michael Black and Ella Marks.

Members contributions are invited to the Letters page of the next Newsletter (March 2020)
Please send your letters to Margaret Martin by email at Newsletter Editor by February 28, 2020

The most recent Newsletter (September 2019) is available through the link on the right-hand side of this page.



2018 saw 30 years for Ealing U3A! A Buffet lunch was held on March 7, 2018. You can see photos of the occasion on this page.
At the U3A National Conference in September 2019, we were presented with a certificate commemorating our 30 year anniversary.



The Committee is very aware that many of our members live alone and, like us all, are ‘getting on in years’. We are very glad that John Deighton has taken on the role of Almoner for our U3A and he has been keeping in touch with members who are sick or house-bound, either by telephone or by sending a card.

However, John will not know who is sick or house-bound unless someone informs him so, if you know of any member who is in the situation, please contact John and he will take it from there.
John Deighton, 020 8863 6640, or email Almoner


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