Meetings are held weekly, on Thursday mornings in Ealing Green Church (almost opposite Ealing Film Studios).

Our Meetings usually start at 10.15am. They begin with announcements and any in-house business. This is followed by the speaker's presentation during which there is a break of approx. 15mins. The proceedings finish at 11.45-12.00


Talks for the Spring term 2019 start on Thursday 2nd May. The list of talks is shown below; further information about these talks can be found in the SPRING 2019 TALKS document

May 02, Dr. Sara Dominici: Photography & Cycling at the end of the 19th Century
May 09, Ann-Marie Purcell of the University of West London: Heathrow - The Journey and Exhibition
May 16, Dr. Mary Shannon: London’s Latin Quarter? - Literature and Art in 19th Century Marylebone
May 23, Dr. David Jones: The Most Dangerous Animals on Earth
May 30, Dr. Lindsay Bywood: The World of Translation - Who does it and what do they do

June 06, Dr. Kim Salmons: A Taste of Literature - The representation of food in the works of modern authors
June 13, Ann and David Hughes: The Mall & Its History/The Guinness Brewery

June 20, Veronica Cecil: Experiences in the Congo
June 27, Chris Truran: ‘Every contact leaves a trace’ - my work in Police Forensics

July 04, Ash Mistry: Sustainable Aviation, Aviation Growth and Congested Skies
July 11, Graham Weeks: History of Northern Nigeria


The Summer Programme of talks this year celebrates a number of anniversaries that are taking place. The talks will be:

July 25, Dr Jaclyn Bell: The impact of Apollo and the future of human spaceflight
(50th anniversary of the first moon landing)

August 8, Dr George Beccaloni: Alfred Russell Wallace, Victorian explorer & naturalist who discovered natural selection
(160th anniversary of publication of theory of evolution by natural selection, in conjunction with Charles Darwin)

August 22, Dr Matthew Landrus: Leonardo da Vinci as scientist and inventor
(500th anniversary of his death)

The Autumn term starts 5th Sept 2019


The committee is very glad to congratulate Marie Todman on the fine job she has done in arranging the talks for 2019, but Marie has now decided to step down from this role. If you would be interested in taking on this role or have any ideas for future talks and speakers, please contact the Chairman

Marie took over from Yvonne Hughes who provided a wonderful range of speakers for 2017 & 2018 but then relinquished this role. Yvonne in turn took over from Rosemary Richardson who had managed this task over several years, and we thank both Rosemary and Yvonne for the excellence in their work.

Photos of our most recent speakers are displayed on this page. Photos of previous speakers are shown on the relevant sub-page