Meetings are held weekly, on Thursday mornings in Ealing Green Church (almost opposite Ealing Film Studios).

Our Meetings usually start at 10.00am. They begin with announcements and any in-house business. This is followed by the speaker's presentation during which there is a break of approx. 15mins. The proceedings finish at 11.45-12.00



Further information about these talks can be found in the document available through LINKS, top right

Sept 6, Prof Stephanie Moser: The representation of Ancient Egypt by leading Victorian Artists
Sept 13, Dustin Frazier-Wood: The Spalding Gentlemen’s Society
Sept 20, Isabel Martin: The History of Surgery
Sept 27, Photography Competition
then Ian Richardson, Is the BBC a leftie organisation that should be neutralised?

Oct 4, Jon Cotton (Brit Museum archaeologist), 10,000 Years of Brentford: the early history of a riverside town
Oct 11, Malka Baker, The Bloomsbury Set
Oct 18, Rachel Sachse (Khema), Khema – Buddhist Nun; the experiences and challenges faced
Oct 25, Dan Williams, A Short History of Film Styles

Nov 1, Pat Davies, Patrick Moore and Other Stars
Nov 8, Pete Emrie, The role and importance of the Royal Navy
Nov 15, Jelena Bekvalac, Past lives revealed through the skeletons of Londoners long dead
Nov 22, George Martin, The Notorious Fleet Valley
Nov 29, Nikki Hubbard, How to avoid telephone and doorstep Scams

Dec 6, Bob Fisher, Sing along and mince pies



Yvonne Hughes who has provided a wonderful range of speakers for 2017 & 2018 has now relinquished the role of organiser of the Thursday morning talks.
The committee is very glad to report that Marie Todman has agreed to take up this highly important task, with some assistance from George Martin. If you have any ideas for future talks and speakers, please contact Marie or John Moore, Chairman


Photos of some of our recent speakers are displayed on this page


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