Meetings are held weekly, on Thursday mornings in Ealing Green Church (almost opposite Ealing Film Studios).

Our Meetings usually start at 10:00am. They begin with announcements and any in-house business. This is followed by the speaker's presentation (from around 10:15am) during which there is a break of approx. 15mins. The proceedings finish at 11:45 - 12:00


The Winter term starts 9th January 2020 - a list of the talks is shown below. Full details of these talks can be found in the WINTER 2020 TALKS document.

Jan 09, * George Martin: The History of Paddington Station
Jan 16, * Dr David Jones: From Primordial Soups to Primates in Suits: the evolution of all life on earth
Jan 23, Prof Len Scott: At the brink of the Apocalypse: how close we came to nuclear war in 1962
Jan 30, * Pat Davies: Growing up in the 1920s
Feb 06, * Jo Livingston: In for a Penny: the history of money
Feb 13, * David Evans: City of Refuge and Intrigue: Neutral Lisbon during WW2

Feb 20, David Clarke: RNLI Lifeboats on the Thames
Feb 27, * Alan Browne: What a Pantomime: a uniquely British entertainment

Mar 05, * Veronica Cecil: My encounters with the Tribes’ people of the Himalayas
Mar 12, Dr Simon Avery: The Bronte Sisters and Politics: Revolution and Reform
Mar 19, Ealing U3A AGM and Election of new Committee

followed by Krishna Maroo: The University of West London in the Community
Mar 26, Prof Debra Kelly: 'Fishes with funny French Names': French food experiences in London from 19th century to present day

Apr 02, Yasmin Sesay: Mercy Ships: bringing hope and healing

Key: * Each of these speakers has given a talk to Ealing U3A previously

Spring term starts on 23rd April 2020.

The committee would like to pay thanks to our two Speaker Organisers, Rosemary Richardson and Yvonne Hughes for the talks they have organised for this year, and we have an excellent selection of speakers to look forward to. If you have any suggestions for talks or possible speakers, please speak to Rosemary or Yvonne at a Thursday meeting, or email the Talks Organiser.

The committee would also like to thank Marie Todman on the fine job she did in arranging the talks for 2019, which we are sure that people would agree were an interesting and stimulating selection.


Photos of our most recent speakers are displayed on this page. Photos of previous speakers are shown on the relevant sub-page