Pending Activities

There are a number of activities in which members have expressed interest, but which have not yet been launched. If you would consider being a facilitator for one of these interests, or would like more information, please contact our Groups Coordinator Amanda Brown. (Facilitators are not ‘teachers’; they organise dates and venues).

  • Art Sketching
  • Badminton
  • Board Cards
  • Board Games
  • Bus Pass Outings
  • Computing
  • Dancing
  • French Conversation — probably weekly on Thursday evenings, in Stebbing, starting in June
  • Functional Meditation
  • Jazz Appreciation — visits to concerts/music nights/afternoons
  • Keep Fit
  • Local History talks
  • London History Tours — weekday guided walking tours
  • Music: very varied subjects - 18 interested
  • Photographic — monthly field trips on Tuesdays for photo opportunities. First meeting 23 May (details tba)
  • Sailing
  • Singalong (aka ‘Karaoke’) — probably on Tuesday afternoons
  • Science
  • Sports: 7 different disciplines suggested
  • Sunday Lunch Group — probably starting in May
  • Wildlife