What is a PDF document?
Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format used to present documents in a manner independent of application software, hardware, and operating systems. Ideal for web site documents where the viewers equipment is unknown. All types of computers/tablets and mobile phones have the ability to obtain software to open and read files constructed in this manner.
The most popular being the well known Adobe Reader, but other applications are available some charged, click the following link if you wish to obtain the Free Adobe Reader

• Select Your Operating System
• Select Your Language (English UK)
• Select the version (DC 2015 launched Aug 2015 has problems go for 11.0.10 version)
• Un-tick the two boxes selected for Google Chrome & Search Engine
• Click Download Now
• Just wait for the installation to take place
• Close the Windows to Sign In - not needed
• It will normally place a small icon on your desktop, but this is not needed and can be deleted, as the software waits in the background until you try and open a PDF file, then comes into action

Managing PDF and Other Links in this Web Site
Throughout this site there are links to PDF files and other external web sites, when selected you Back Arrow are temporary exiting the U3A site, to close the page you are viewing and return to Dunmow U3A just click your Browser Back Arrow, this is now standard procedure used on many devices including tablets & mobile phones

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