News at 10/05/24

Membership renewal can be done from early July

At the AGM the following were agreed:

1. Membership fee for 2024-25- £13 (Associate £7.50) accommodation fee remains £1.50;

2. All members of a group will pay a fee for every time their group meets, whether or not the member attends every meeting. The term ‘accommodation fee’ will replace ‘attendance fee’ to avoid confusion.

3. Accommodation fees will be collected and paid to u3a Treasurer at the start of each period - by month, term or season, at the Group/Group Leaders discretion

4. Groups whose attendances are of a level that room fees cover the hire cost of their rooms may determine for themselves how and when room fees will be collected. Transfer of monies to the u3a Treasurer should not be delayed.

The new accommodation fees will apply from 1st September 2023;
The new Membership fees will apply from 1st July 2024and will extend to August 2025

The new Committee can be found on the Contact page