News at 10/8/21
U3a Groups may start to book rooms for provision (see Resources for Group Leaders in the links for a booking form.
However until the October holidays:

  • Masks must be worn throughout community centres including in classrooms
  • 1m social distancing will be in place - new room capacities are being developed and Customer Services can advise on which rooms will have which capacity
  • Rooms will have to comply with ventilation guidance eg windows should be open
  • Track & Trace will be in place in all centres and centre users will have to provide their name and a method of contact to DCC reception staff

See also GROUPS page

News at 7/8/21
Groups are currently assessing their programmes for 2021-22 and commencing room-hire booking. No clear list of activities/dates is available yet but the GROUPS page will be updated as soon as arrangements are confirmed. Follow progress on our Facebook page

News at 8/7/21
We have been informed by Dundee Council that use of rooms at Community Centres will no longer be free. The charges are, however, not onerous. Following discussions with Group Leaders and by the Committee every attendance at a group meeting will be charged at £1.00 per person per visit, payable to the Group Leader (or nominated group member).

News at 7/5/21
Dundee City Council have announced the reopening of all Community Centres on Monday May 10th (except Menzieshill Hub which will open on 17th). There will still be restrictions on numbers - the Govt website states that from 17th May 6 adults from 3 households may meet in an indoor public place, changing to 10 & 4 from late June.

News at 4/5/21
Forms for joining/renewing (online and paper) will be available from 11th May. Follow the link on the right-hand side of this page.

News at 19/4/21
The AGM was successfully held today. Outcomes and reports will be sent to members as soon as possible.