About us

A very warm welcome to U3A Dumfries.

We are registered as a Scottish Charity (SC021683) and, as one of the oldest U3As in Scotland, founded in September 1993, we celebrated our 25th anniversary in 2018..

In common with the other “Universities of the Third Age” U3A Dumfries is a member of the Third Age Trust, also a registered Charity which is our national support and advisory body, the term “University” being loosely applied in its original concept, a common multitude, guild or society. We are a unique co-operative. There are no exams and no qualifications are required. We have no lower age limits, our sole aim is to promote an enjoyable use of leisure time for older people who are no longer in full employment and to encourage them to share their knowledge, skills and interests with each other and, above all, just to continue to enjoy life. As with all U3As we are a completely autonomous, self-governing organisation run solely by the voluntary efforts of our members.

Our membership is drawn mainly from Dumfries and surrounding villages although we do have members from further afield and at present our membership stands at just over 300. We have over 40 groups covering a wide variety of interests from Art to Creative Writing, Philosophy to Photography and from Walking to Wine Appreciation. You can visit any of our groups for more information by following the link “Groups” on our Homepage

There is a monthly meeting held in Lochvale House (formerly Georgetown Community Centre) on the first Thursday of the month. This features a guest speaker and the subjects cover a diverse spectrum of subjects. These are always followed by refreshments, with sufficient time to catch up with old friends and chat. We also enjoy an annual outing, generally in May, and the syllabus for that and all the monthly meetings can be found on the “Events” link on our Homepage

We send out a monthly Newsletter which keeps all members up to date with the latest information, both at local and national level and we offer a magazine twice a year which features our various adventures and achievements and members are always encouraged to offer their own contributions for inclusion. Please see the “Publications” link on our Homepage.

And please, do feel free to contact any of the Committee members if you have a query concerning membership or indeed any other subject. We are always here to help and are more than happy to do so. Again, consult our Homepage.

To end with, we hope by our earnest endeavours to follow and adhere to the U3A’s watchwords, Learn, Laugh and Live.