Dulwich & District


We have followed Third age trust guidance and adopted their Health and Welfare policies. If you would like to read them, please click on the relevant title. Our Convenors are also aware of these policies, many of which are in the D&D Convenors Handbook.
These polices can also be found on the Third Age Trust website.( U3A tab above)
We propose, to review each policy and modify them to be more member-friendly and relevant to the activities of D&D U3A.
•Grivance and complants procedure click GRIVCOM
•Disciplinary Procedure click DISCIPLINE
•Health and Welfare General Principles click HEALTH
•U3A Member Code of Conduct click CONDUCTCODE
•The Principles of the U3A Movement click PRINCIPLES
•Equal Opportunities click EQUALOPPS
•Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults click SAFEGUARD
•U3A Members and Companions / Carers click CARERS
•Access for Disabled Members Click ACCESS
•Supporting those with Hearing Difficulties click HEARING
•Supporting those with Vision Loss click VISION
•Supporting those with Dementia Click DEMENTIA
•Safe Food Handling click FOODS
•Specific Health and Welfare Advice for Convenors and Outdoor Activities Guidance click OUTDOOR