Dulwich & District


The Sixth AGM of Dulwich & District u3a was held on Tuesday 18th May 2021 at 2pm on Zoom.

All papers for the meeting are found here:

For an agenda, click AGENDA2021. This includes a list of nominees for Trustees and Officers

For the minutes of the AGM 2020, as approved at the AGM 2021, click MINAGM2020.

For the Trustees’ Report, click REPORT2020/21

For the Treasurer’s Report and the Summary of Accounts for 2020/21, click TREASURER2020/21

The Trustees proposed some changes to our constitution:
For a one-page summary of the changes, click CONSUMMARY2021
For the full text of the changes, click CONCHANGES2021
For the full text of the constitution as it was, click CONSTITUTION
For the full text of the constitution including the changes, click CONSTITUTION2021

The changes were duly approved by members at the AGM.

For the draft minutes of the 2021 AGM, to be submitted for approval at the 2022 AGM, click MINAGM2021