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Research Opportunities and SLPs

This page will contain details of SLPs ( Shared Learning Projects ) not on the events page and requests from organisations for volunteers in their research projects.
newest project are near the top - older projects are kept on here as a record.

volunteers needed

UCL Memory problems research
Have concerns about memory and been told its 'normal'? Research subjects needed- click UCLMEMORY for details.

Gaming Research
Play games on mobile devices? Your experience is needed to develop engaging therapies for stroke and dementia in the future!
For more details click MOBGAME

SLP Langdon Down Museum and Metropolitan Archives Research
Keen to attract more people for this project. New people very welcome. They will receive excellent training and support.For Details click LANGDON6

KCL - multitasking changes as we age
Study 1 aims to investigate the effects various factors including cognitive function, dual task ability, physical activity levels, sleep and aging on the ability to perform complex gait tasks with and without simultaneous performance of a secondary task (i.e. walking while performing a maths task) in healthy adults. We are recruiting healthy adults aged 18-80 years old. for details click MULTI1 and MULTI2
KCL - Balance rehabilitation.
Study 2 We are investigating the effect of two different 16 week Balance Rehabilitation Classes on balance, walking ability and cognitive function. Volunteers aged 65 or older who have experienced a fall or are concerned about falling. For details click BALANCE1 and BALANCE2

'Citizens’ Share Learning Project – Research Retreat Days
Are you keen on doing historical research without a long term commitment?
One day projects continue the work started by Citizen 800 Shared Learning Projects
topics include:-
Suffragette Militancy, Peterloo, The Great Unrest 1910-14, Peers V's the People, The Home Rule Crisis, Chartism,
for Full detail click CITIZEN

UCL Alzheimers Research
This study will help us learn more about how people navigate and, specifically, how peoples' abilities to navigate decline with age. 2-3 hrs and £7.50 per hr compensation for your time. For details click NAVIGATE

Virtual Reality Study - Kings College
Seeking healthy volunteers aged 60-79 Study visit includes: computer based cognitive test,pen and paper tasks, and VR Games for details click VRSTUDY

Cochlear implant and speech understanding research at UCL
volunteers with normal hearing and also those with implants are needed for this study. For details click EARUCL

BoB - Back of Brain research into strokes
Participants needed to complete visual tests then undergo MRI scans to compare with those with stoke impairment. Fee of £50 payable. For full details click BRAIN1 and BRAIN2

SLP with National Trust researching the history of 575 Wandsworth Rd
Khadambi Asalache (1935-2006) turned a modest Grade II listed Georgian terraced house into an amazing work of art.
for details ofthe research and how to apply click WANDSWORTH

SLP Researching Old Hampstead Town Hall
n collaboration with Wac Arts, who are the current owners of Hampstead Old Town Hall, we are planning to investigate the building's history and architecture and the famous people associated with it.For details click TOWNHALL

There is an opportunity to get involved as a Patient and Public Representative with the Cancer Screening and Prevention Research Group. For more details click SCREEN and PUBLIC

SLP Shared Learning Project with South London Botanical Institute – its history, people and plants
The South London Botanical Institute was founded over 100 years ago. They would like us to research some of its early history and to conduct interviews with some of their botanical experts.Project meetings will be held on Thursdays. Likely start date 13th September. Applications date deadline is 22nd July
For more details about this SLP click BOTANIC if you wish to get involved with this project for application form click BOTANICAPP( you may need to right click and then choose 'save as' option )

UCL Ear Institute Hearing Research
Often hearing aid users report difficulty hearing speech in noisy
environments as well as identifying where the speech is coming from. This research will look into developing hearing aids with better spatial awareness. Subject with normal hearing and those with hearing aids needed. For more details click UCLHEAR

Imperial College Dementia Research
A chance to register as a research subject for various studies into Dementia - For 50 to 85 years old with no diagnosis of memory problems.
For full details and registration form click DEMRESEARCH

Birbeck Collage - Research into Mental and Physical Health in Older Adults
The purpose of this study is to investigate how people’s physical fitness is related to their mental abilities such as memory and attention.
for details click BIRKBECK

The Langdon Down Museum of Learning Disability
A SLP looking at Daily Life as seen in the bills and receipts of the 19th and 20th centuries.
Please click on here for more details LANGDON

The Royal Philatelic Society London
Next year will be the 150th anniversary of The Royal Philatelic Society London (RPSL). To mark this anniversary an exhibition is being organised of selected items from the museum that will illustrate highlights in the history of the Society.
The members of this SLP will work with the Curator to research,select and agree a range of items from the collection that will tell the history of the RPSL. for more details click RPSLSLP

Kings College
Effect of aging on cognitive skills
The study will take about 1.5 hours and will be at Guy’s campus next to Guy’s hospital. The participant will be required to do a sequence of walking tasks on their own, or whilst doing a secondary task (e.g naming alternative letters of the alphabet). They will also be required to do some short cognitive tests and answer some questionnaires. for contact click KINGS for full details click INFO

Smithfield and its residents in the year of the Great Plague 1665

This project will seek to look into the impact of the Great Plague, the epidemic of bubonic plague which affected London in 1665, on the residents of Charterhouse, and its close neighbour across Smithfield, St Bartholomew’s Hospital.
for more details click PLAGUE
Hearth Tax SLP
This project will explore the records of the Restoration hearth tax and other historical sources leading to digital publications on the “Rediscovering the lost histories of urban communities late 17th century England”.
You should enjoy research, and training will be provided by Roehampton university in palaeography, hearth tax studies and local history. The Project will start in the New Year. Early application is advised. For more details click HEARTH

Remembering Herne Hill 1914-1918
You may have heard already that the Herne Hill Society was successful in obtaining a grant from Heritage Lottery Fund. The research project aims to tell the story of all those from the area who served in World War One. This includes the experiences of non-combatants.
To achieve its objective this project will need the involvement of many people in many different ways – including members of our U3A! Not everyone will have a great deal of time to contribute, but it all helps.
for more details ( including who to contact ) click HERNEHILL1 and HERNEHILL2
Please state you are a U3A member.

MindEd for older people: making sense of your mental health
Are you interested in volunteering with the MindEd programme hosted by the Royal College of Psychiatrists to review new online resources written to support older people stay mentally well? How do you keep well as you get older? How do you live a fulfilling life with the best mental health possible? MindEd is creating an internet resource providing older people with information on how best to stay mentally well and provide a greater understanding of their own mental health experiences in later life. This project is not about dementia, but about providing resources specifically written with older people in mind who may be experiencing distressing mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety, confusion and addictions.
For details about Mind Ed click MIND ED for information about this study click MIND SLP for application form click REGFORM

Action on Hearing Loss Research
We are looking for approximately 40 volunteers for the Action on Hearing Loss funded summer research project in which we investigate why some speakers are easier to understand than others are, and how age and hearing levels influence speech intelligibility.
We are looking to recruit monolingual Southern British English* speaking adults with and without hearing loss between the ages of 65-85 years. In this study, you are asked to visit us once for approximately 50-60 minutes for full details click HEARING

Anxiety Study - University College London

This study is evaluating the use of a talking therapy known as ‘Acceptance and Commitment Therapy’ for older adults who present with chronic worry.
Volunteers ( over 65 ) are needed to take part in an interview about their experience of chronic worry and if they have ever had any type of treatment for it. Participants will receive a £10 voucher as a token of appreciation for their participation.
As well as interviews, we also have an on-line survey that we would like to promote to those individuals who can access this.
For more details click UCL_ANXIETY

Brain Stimulation study – Goldsmith College

The aim of this study is to see if brain stimulation can improve mood and the ability to identify positive and negative emotions, among healthy older adults. Some older adults have problems with low mood that persists but is not severe enough to be classified as depression. It may be possible to improve mood by stimulating the brain with a technique called transcranial electrical stimulation. This has been shown to improve moods In younger adults, but studies have not yet been performed in older adults. We want to see if we can improve mood in typical healthy older adults, before we apply this technique to older adults with depression.
A token £20 payment for those who take part in this study
For more details click BRAIN

Speech communication study
This study needs volunteers between 65-85 who are monolingual with normal hearing or mild age related loss. The research will involve A 75 minute visit to labs in Bloomsbury.
For more details click SPEECH

Effects of Ageing on sound perception
This study needs over 60s with normal hearing ( no major difficulties ) and involves attendance at two 1.5 hours sessions at the UCL Ear Institute, Grays Inn Rd
For more details click SOUND

An investigation of the effects of Multi Language Acquisition across the lifespan.
We are a research team based in the Department of Psychology andHuman Development at UCL-Institute of Education, London. We are conducting a study investigating the effects of Multilanguage acquisition on cognitive development. Healthy people aged between 7 and 80 years old are invited to help us find out more about the brain. In particular, we are interested in how the brain learns to speak multiple languages.
This part of the study does not need volunteers at the moment.

Citizens 800 in the Making.

D&D U3A is now a partner of a major historical project which charts the history of liberty, protest and reform in Britain from the Magna Carta to the suffragette movement and beyond. [You may have seen the article in the recent TAM on pg. 11] The U3A involvement is run by Royal Holloway University in the form of a shared learning project. In March we submitted six proposals which have now been accepted.For a full report click this link CITIZEN800 If you would like to find out more contact Lore Arthur using bird link on this page.