Dulwich & District

The Cycling Group Report for 2019-2020

This is the sixth year for the cycling Group and we continued to meet regularly during the latter part of 2019, including trips to Richmond Park (to see the RAF 100 Flypast), Greenwich (in August on the hottest day of the year), Bushy Park, and the Olympic Park and the Lea Navigation. In 2020 we had already completed two trips in January and February before everything changed in mid-March with the arrival of the Corona virus and lock-down was imposed. However, we continued to “meet” regularly on Zoom.

Fortunately, there were records of past outings of the group – short reports I had written up of over two dozen trips from 2014 onward, complete with photos taken along the way. These were presented as Powerpoint slide shows on Zoom, giving us the opportunity to "meet" and to “re-visit” places of interest along the routes of past rides: the remains of an old lime kiln and the "bridge to nowhere" in Burgess Park, the bridges and quayside along the route of the Grand Surrey canal and the former Surrey Commercial Docks; the imposing statue of Peter the Great commemorating his visit to Deptford in 1697; the Thames Path and historic sites in Rotherhithe and Wapping; Richmond Park to see the deer in velvet, the meadow which is the nesting ground of the skylarks, and the Isabella Plantation with the azaleas in bloom in May………. We were reminded of the rich industrial history of the area and the beautiful parks there are for all of us to enjoy, easily reached on two wheels.

The easing of restrictions at the end of May 2020 allowed groups of up to six to meet and we restarted rides. . When further restrictions were introduced in November, pairs of riders have arranged trips and used the opportunity to explore new routes, in anticipation of resuming group rides in 2021.